From The Trenches: Parker Kump of TUFF Media

September 9, 2021

Episode Summary

Parker Kump, owner of TUFF Media, joins host John MacDonald on the latest From The Trenches episode. Their conversation covers all things online marketing for business. Parker is an online media buyer and strategist specializing in performance marketing. He covers the digital advertising space from a high level, all the way down to actionable insights businesses can leverage in their own marketing efforts.

Episode Notes

TUFF Media is a performance marketing agency that specializes in managing digital advertising on social media and search engine platforms. We approach each client with a completely tailored strategy that properly aligns with their goals.

“TUFF” comes from our proven strategies that focus on each client’s product/service and how to advertise them with a ROI. That way our client’s marketing strategies can withstand any outside factors that come their way.

Learn more about the TUFF Media by visiting:



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