February 2, 2024

Campbell River Marine Terminal Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to expand their boatyard and double the number of vessel placements available. @crmt.ca

BRITISH COLUMBIA – As part of the BC Maritime Industries Strategy, 17 companies throughout the province will modernize and expand their maritime infrastructure with funding from the BC Maritime Industries Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion Grant Program. Delivered by the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI), this initiative is committed to revitalizing and expanding local BC businesses to be more competitive and efficient with a funding commitment of up to $25 million from the Province of British Columbia.

The program offers up to $25 million in contributions through two capital investment streams. Stream 1 provides 50% of project capital costs up to $500,000 for equipment and facility modernization support for boat and shipyards or new small vessel construction infrastructure. Stream 2 offers 25% of project capital costs up to $5 million for increased lift and wharfage capacity, specifically for boat and ship overhaul, refit, maintenance, and repair infrastructure.

In the inaugural intake that launched in July 2023, a diverse range of companies demonstrated their commitment to advancing the maritime industry and 17 companies will receive as much as $14.75 million in total contributions from the Province of British Columbia through ABCMI. These investments will contribute significantly to the modernization and expansion of maritime infrastructure, fostering economic growth and creating employment opportunities for British Columbians.

Companies receiving funds under Stream 1:

Campbell River Marine Terminal Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to expand their boatyard and double the number of vessel placements available and create a space that would increase productivity and provide a higher level of service, improve project outcomes, and decrease the carbon footprint of the boatyard.

Titan Boats Ltdwill receive as much as $500,000 to further expand its manufacturing footprint by adding 4,800 square feet of working area to its fabrication and welding shop. This would allow them to nearly double their output, and help the company effectively meet the growing demand for aluminum RHIBs, from the Canadian government and international markets.

Liquid Metal Marine Ltd. will receive as much as $163,350 for facility upgrades, workspace expansion, and modern equipment for the shop. These improvements will help strengthen their competitive edge within the industry by offering enhanced capabilities and a more agile response to client needs.

KingFisher Boats Inc. will receive as much as $500,000 to modernize and expand their capacity by introducing new capabilities into their manufacturing process. The introduction of new capabilities will increase throughput, increase quality, and increase capacity to meet unmet market demand for their products.

EagleCraft Boats Inc will receive as much as $311,874 to increase their manufacturing capacity and attract new business opportunities by increasing manufacturing space to be used for vessel construction and woodworking/cabinetry trades and procuring a large hydraulic trailer and truck capable of hauling 98% of their currently new vessel product portfolio.

JR Marine Manufacturing Ltd will receive as much as $307,524 to upgrade or replace existing equipment to improve speed, functionality, quality, and overall viability of their processes. The project includes the purchase of new welding units, plasma CNC cutting table, and other new equipment as well as training.

COTA Aviation Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 for facility modernization, advanced equipment acquisition, and workforce development, to help strategically fortify COTA’s position as a pivotal indigenous player in BC’s marine industry, with a concentrated focus on small vessel overhaul, refit, maintenance, and repair (MRO).

Zodiac Hurricane Technologies Inc. will receive as much as $257,785 to modernize the rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) manufacturer’s facility by integrating advanced spray paint capabilities into their production processes. The incorporation of spray paint capability will streamline the painting process, significantly reducing the time required for each boat’s paint job.

Jastram Engineering Ltd. will receive as much as $500,000 to launch a significant investment into their manufacturing facility, focusing on the acquisition of new CNC equipment to address multiple challenges, notably the need to maintain competitiveness, while increasing production capacity and upholding high quality.

Tyee Pacific Marine Operations Ltd. will receive as much as $346,843 to upgrade their Mitchell Island main marine docking facility to a well-maintained marine facility. Once operational, the facility would provide a marine terminal for other medium to small marine cargo operators for loading and unloading in the lower mainland.

Open Ocean Robotics Inc. will receive as much as $95,950 to expand its manufacturing capacity for Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) and increase production from two USVs per month to eight per month by bringing the production of various components in-house for better control of supply chain and schedule.

Platinum Marine Group Ltd will receive as much as $399,000 to increase their production floor capacity by over 50% by transforming their outdoor space into climate-controlled workspace with two 5000 square foot tent enclosures, which will help optimize workflow efficiency.

Ideal Welders Ltd. will receive as much as $390,879 to purchase, install, and implement a state- of-the-art spool welding robotic (SWR). The overall objective is to modernize Ideal Welders pipe spool welding services to further support its existing marine sector client base as a key member of the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) supply chain.

Companies receiving funds under Stream 2:

Ocean Pacific Marine Supply Ltd. will receive as much as $1,331,218 to expand its shipyard capacity and upgrade its equipment and operating systems in Campbell River through the purchase of a 500t floating dry dock; the acquisition of a 150t marine travelift; and the upgrading of existing pier/wharf to accommodate larger vessel access to alongside work and to facilitate the new travelift’s functionality. The new travelift will increase their current lifting capacity by 50%. The new lift equipment will have enhanced 4-wheel steering and the ability to change the width of the machine under load which will increase shipyard capacity by 30%.

Canadian Maritime Engineering Ltd. will receive as much as $2,125,000 to construct a new vessel lift and shipyard operation at CME’s Canal Beach (Plywood Drive) site in Port Alberni. It will include a new 400t travel lift; wharfage and other fixed infrastructure to accommodate the lift; and a new shipyard, adjacent to the new lift facilities and CME’s existing manufacturing building. The new operation will address the capacity constraints, worn-out lift equipment, and operational inefficiencies associated with CME’s current Bird Street shipyard – enabling CME to greatly increase the volume of and range of its shipyard services.

Meridian Marine Industries Inc will receive as much as $1,523,550 to modify an existing deck barge to become a floating docking facility which will primarily focus on the small to medium vessel and commercial barge markets. This facility will bring enhanced capability to the company and to the province of British Columbia by being able to offer full-service docking capabilities.

Vancouver Drydock Co. Ltd. will receive as much as $5,000,000 to contribute to the undertaking of a major expansion which will allow them to meet strong demand in a high-growth market and remove capacity constraints. The Drydock works on more than 50 marine vessel projects each year and is an important part of the West coast marine industry servicing the larger, more complex vessels British Columbians rely on for transportation, safety, and the movement of goods. The project includes a number of major upgrades including a drydock upgrade, the addition of one floating drydock and the construction of an operations building.

The Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI) represents Western Canada’s industrial marine sector comprising over 1000 companies. This includes shipbuilding and ship repair, industrial marine services and marine infrastructure, marine professional services, marine products, small craft marine construction and repair, and ocean science and technology. The Association’s core activities include workforce development; skills development; facilitating and enabling innovation and new technologies in the marine space; identifying and enabling business opportunities; business development; supplier development and supply chain training; supporting international business development and increasing export of products and services; and sectoral advocacy.

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