February 2, 2024

PRINCE RUPERT –  At the recent Monday night Council Meeting, Prince Rupert City Council received a presentation from Magna Engineering on the wastewater treatment project pilot, which has had a location change from its originally proposed location in the Omineca area.

The small-scale pilot, which will treat a portion of wastewater from the surrounding homes has been relocated to the area next to Moresby Pond that formerly contained the WWII era Department of National Defense tanks. The property ownership of all accesses, accessible tie in to sewer that has already been separated from the stormwater catchment, and limited alternative uses for the property informed the change in location.

“We are excited to see this innovative and environmentally friendly approach to treating our wastewater is going forward this year,” said Mayor Herb Pond. “This project is almost entirely funded through grants, is much more cost effective than alternatives, and will require minimal maintenance and overhead costs to taxpayers.”

Treatment in this area will have no impact to the use of the neighbouring trail and pond area once completed. There will be very little visible change in the area from the project, which will have a wetland area above, and no discernible smell.  The project engineers are also specialized in stormwater management, and so drainage and controlling flows to protect the surrounding environment is of critical concern.

The City intends to install some minimally invasive fencing to prevent community or animal interference, as well as interpretive signage as an educational component of the project. The project is scheduled to be complete and in operation by early 2025.

Funding for this project ($400,000) has come from the Government of Canada via the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and will support a pilot project to install a new wastewater treatment technology and explore how it can be integrated with local soils, plants and other features of the natural landscape. If successful, the new system could be replicated across the city, creating significant cost savings while improving water quality in the port of Prince Rupert, allowing for a healthier marine environment and greater recreational opportunities.

This pilot project builds on the results of a feasibility study completed by the City of Prince Rupert in 2020. That study, also funded by the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) ($87,000), outlined the benefits of using this type of wastewater treatment technology and identified an optimal site for pilot testing.

A full presentation from Magna Engineering, the consultants on the project, is available in the recorded version of our Council Meeting as well, here.

Source: & City of Prince Rupert



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