March 28, 2024

The Dacosta family, from left: Paisley, Dave, Piper, Thalia and Easten

KELOWNA – After two successful decades in the construction industry, Dave Dacosta decided he wanted to try something Nue.

The owner of Conroy Exteriors started DTD Developments, an award winning residential construction company, a decade ago, and he has further expanded his horizons by creating Nue Vista Developments, and their first project, The Creeks at Nue Vista, is an 86-unit, 22 affordable townhouse complex that is about to start on Cougar Road in West Kelowna.

“We ended up liking the name of the development, which will be called the Creeks at Nue Vista,” he explains. “Because we have other prjects on Vancouver Island and in Alberta, it just made sense because this is a new horizon, a new vista for us.”

Dacosta has been in construction for over 20 years, starting as an employee at Conroy, then buying the business three years later.

“When I bought the siding company, I learned more about the industry,” he says. “I had worked on many renos over the years and then decided to build my own house.”

“I’d always been interesting in building,” he adds. “I built cars, motorbikes. . .I just built stuff. Building houses is something I can have an artistic outlet with. I still run Conroy, but this is something unique and I really enjoy it. It has gone well. We started building spec homes, then custom homes, and now multi-family, starting with The Creeks at Nue Vista.”

DTD Developments has won multiple Tommie Awards – now the Okanagan Building Awards, and in 2018 the won two Gold and four Silver Awards for the house he built for his wife Thalia and their three children.

“It won for best interior feature,” he recalls. “I built a garage like nobody has ever seen. . .I went up against wine rooms in my category, and won with a garage. It is 1,700 square feet, with three car lifts and full welding capabilities.

Architectural site plan for The Creeks At Nue Vista on Cougar Road in West Kelowna (subject to change)

“I’ve always been into old cars, and I’ve been working on them since I was 16. One of my favourites is a 1952 Mercury pickup.”

Running three companies: Nue Vista Developments, DTD Developments and Conroy Exteriors keeps him busy, but he is also a very busy father of three.

“I coach their sports, I take them skiing and do outdoor stuff, I work out three times a week with a trainer at my gym, I have two cars that I work on at home,” he says. “I’m just built that way, and I like to be very busy. I’m just one of those guys who likes to grab more stuff.”

Dacosta is blessed with an almost photographic memory, which helps him with his buildings and vehicles.

“I have a memory like an elephant, and I just weirdly remember everything, so it works out alright,” he says. “With blueprints, or an old car, I can see the whole thing in my head. That has always been a help in the building industry, because I can help clients and know where they should put something and make suggestions. Having a memory like that is a weird thing that some people just have.”

He is also very good at managing his time. He has to be.

“I had a really good management coach, John Glennon, when I first got into sales and he taught me how to manage my time really well,” he notes. “So I know how to slot my schedule throughout the day and get everything done.”

That includes projects in Alberta, and they’re currently looking elsewhere in the province for opportunities. They’re currently constructing an apartment building in Duncan now as well.

Being involved with all the details has been a key to his success as an owner, and an attribute his clients like.

“I’ve always stayed hands on,” he states. “I got some advice early on, that no matter what anyone tells you, you always have to be involved. I’m a good problem solver, and that’s what you need in the construction industry.”

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