Kelowna’s Allied Corp Adds Additional 31 Acres of Land

August 12, 2021

KELOWNA – Allied Corp. announced that it has added an additional 31-acre (12.5 hectare) land parcel to its current Colombian production site.

Allied has secured under lease with option to purchase an additional 31 acres (12.5 hectares) of land. This parcel of land is the adjacent property in Bucamaranga, Colombia, the location where Allied has its main cannabis production location that is already in production. The Lease runs for 5 years with 5 additional 1-year extensions within which Allied can trigger, at its option, the purchase of this land.

Under Allied’s approach to production each hectare is harvested between 6 to 7 times per year under a rotating crop cycle. This means that vegetative plants grown under supplemental light are matured until they are ready for flower, and thus, lessens the amount of time needed to be in flowering cycle when compared to planting directly into the field. Allied has found that the natural sunlight cycle and temperate climate in the region where Allied produces has shown an increase in yield, frequency of harvest and cannabinoids profiles when compared with the same genetics grown in Allied’s facilities in Canada.

“With the recurring sales of consistent Allied product grown on the land that we currently have under production, we believe it is the right time to expand Allied’s land availability for expanded cultivation in Colombia. We view the land to be essentially next door to our current holdings. With the recent announcement of the ability of Colombia to export flower, we believe we will put this land to good use.” said Calum Hughes, CEO of Allied.

Allied Corp. is an international cannabis company with its main production center in Colombia and is one of the few companies that has exported from Colombia internationally. In preparing for US legalization, Allied also has the option to purchase a US cannabis license in the US (Nevada). In addition to this, Allied has three CBD-brands to market with products selling in the United States. Lastly, Allied has both Cannabinoid and psilocybin products in the pharmaceutical development track seeking pharma drug indications for depression, anxiety and PTSD.


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