May 25, 2023

The Alpha Realty Services platform and onboarding page.

CANADA – If things keep with their current pace, the Canadian real estate market will be bustling for some time to come. Canadian property continues to attract locally and internationally, and the population continues to climb year after year which will spill out into more job opportunities.

“Canada’s projected growth indicates the need for various real estate projects to be developed in all Canadian cities within the next decade,” said Simon Shen, CSO of Alpha Realty Services. “As a result, we have a chance to play a crucial role in aiding the successful completion of these projects and making a positive impact.”

Alpha Realty Services is a digital data portal that pulls information from relevant market sites and uses AI learning to track current performance in the real estate market. The Alpha platform runs a trend analysis log to pinpoint commodity cost, labor cost and real estate data, and delivers localized, smart projections for values and price trends depending on the city.

Simon Shen, CSO of Alpha Realty Services.

“Our company represents a disruptive change to the real estate development industry – in order to commence a project, extensive market research and administrative tasks are required,” said Shen. “We have developed software that automates these procedures, resulting in faster access to high-quality data which enables developers to make informed decisions in a timely manner.”

Solutions like this are desperately needed in today’s construction world, especially as cost-savings, inflation and labour shortages continue to be main pain points in the industry.

“We cater to small to medium-sized real estate development firms and want to inform them that our software can help speed up the process of getting actionable data for their projects, enhance the quality of the data they receive, and ensure that their data is always up-to-date.”

“The past six months have been challenging for real estate developers, but it has prompted them to reconsider their business strategies and seek more effective approaches,” said Shen. “We have been communicating with numerous developers who are in the process of integrating our software into their operations now that they see the solutions we can provide.”

Although Shen admits the market volatility was a big obstacle in the progression and growth of his company, the uncertainty made the need for software such as his more critical. Now, after proving the importance of the platform, Shen and his team hopes to continue expansion and promote the importance of data-collection, AI and smart platforms.

“We are improving our software by collaborating with developers with existing relationships in Vancouver and we are in the process of expanding East across Canada,” said Shen. “We are now in conversation with several developers in the Greater Toronto Area and within five years, we plan to be working with real estate developers in every major North American city.”

“Being continually connected to the pulse of the real estate market will better position companies to make informed decisions based on real insight, which will create a better industry all around,” said Shen. “We want to be the catalyst for that change.”

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