Leading the Charge in Clean Energy in BC and the Yukon

May 25, 2023

Leslie Culbard, Mechanical Technical Lead at Clean Energy Consulting Inc.

BRITISH COLUMBIA – We all struggle with the age-old dilemma of what to do with our lives. As we grow up, we learn and we listen to what our passions are but, even then, the decision can be a lifelong experiment. For Leslie Culbard, Mechanical Technical Lead at Clean Energy Consulting Inc. (CEC), the promise of a better world was her calling.

“I think a lot of people that end up working for Clean Energy Consulting were originally drawn in because of the name”, said Culbard. “I was particularly interested in understanding how clean energy concepts could be integrated into an industry-focused city like Prince George.”

Culbard hails from the Gulf Islands and spent her childhood amongst some of Canada’s most beautiful seaside communities, entrenched in nature. Now that nature needs our help, and Culbard has committed herself to finding clean alternatives and solutions for energy projects.

“I am the Mechanical Technical Lead at Clean Energy Consulting, and my responsibilities are generally to oversee the technical aspects of the mechanical projects,” said Culbard. “Since starting at CEC, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many industrial projects, with a technical focus on HVAC.”

Founded in 2008, Clean Energy Consulting Inc. is a BC-based company that provides project development, consulting engineering and project services for energy production and efficiency projects.

Put plainly, the people at CEC are the all-around energy, efficiency, and engineering experts involved in projects from concept development to execution, with a focus on carbon-offset incentives.  From sustainable power generation and industrial efficiencies to extracting value from waste, the CEC team tackles a broad spectrum of energy-related tasks. The company has offices in Prince George, Vancouver, and Whitehorse, and experience working in remote and indigenous communities.

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) can be a huge energy user in any industrial or commercial facility, particularly in the North. Culbard is focused on helping her clients realize the paybacks of using less energy, particularly where the outside temperature could be -40 to -50 °C.   This results in significantly reduced operational costs for her clients and, paired with provincial and federal funding, can really make significant impacts on the bottom line for her clients.

“We are a small company, and we deal with unique problems,” said Culbard. “There are a lot of bigger companies that have solutions to problems that you see frequently, but our company is really good at handling complex situations. We are problem-solvers.”

“For example, in a mine which is remote, extremely dusty, and a difficult work environment, we work closely with the client to provide a solution, specific to their site, that is safe, effective and reliable.”

Culbard has been at the helm of some of the company’s most challenging projects and always manages to deliver on the most complex and demanding assignments. As the world faces the rapidly evolving climate crisis, Culbard is always looking for new ways to help.

“We do a lot of energy studies, and we will highlight opportunities and potential projects to the benefit of our clients,” said Culbard. “We also focus on alternative energy sources and with new funding programs for Greenhouse Gas reductions, there are lots of opportunities for innovation.”

The team at CEC is proud to acknowledge Culbard as an outstanding professional and creative thinker who has achieved so much for the company and is leading the charge with innovative, forward-thinking solutions.


Business Examiner Staff



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