February 6, 2024


WEST SHORE – So what’s happening this year? No really, what is happening this year?

While we all know that change is constant, it’s been particularly constant since 2020. Some things have returned to pre-pandemic settings, while other aspects of our experience continue to change, or have developed a “new normal.” One of the things we have noticed at the WestShore Chamber is how keen people are to connect with one another post-pandemic. Regardless of what type of event we are offering, it is essential that we include time for people to connect one to one.

While connection is always a feature of our monthly networking events, we are keeping this in mind as we plan our first signature event of 2024, Viva La WestShore. Taking place on the evening of April 12 in partnership with our Title Sponsor Elements Casino Victoria, this favourite member event is returning after a five-year hiatus.

A night of fundraising fun with casino games, live prize auctions, canapes and conversation, this event supports a charity of choice as well as the work of the WestShore Chamber.

If your business is based in Colwood, Langford or View Royal, we continue to work with staff, mayor and council to create initiatives that support business connection and prosperity in these municipalities. We are currently lining things up for the spring and summer and are always happy to receive feedback on what business representatives would like to see in their communities.

Another type of connection we are gearing up for at this time of year is provincial policy. As an active member of the BC Chamber of Commerce, we will be supporting advocacy on issues that impact business across the province.

We will also be revisiting a WestShore Chamber policy, “Empower Municipalities to Support Their Business Communities in Times of Crisis: Amending the Community Charter.” All policies are based on a three-year cycle, and this one was approved by the BC Chamber member-ship in 2021. Policies form the annual advocacy framework for discussion with the provincial government.

To find out more about what we do and when we’re doing it, please go to westshore.bc.ca where you can sign up for our weekly e-news at the bottom of our “Contact Us” page, or click on the links to follow us on your social media platform of choice.

Happy 2024!

Julie Lawlor is Executive Director at the WestShore Chamber of Commerce

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