October 27, 2023


WEST SHORE – October is often the busiest month of the WestShore Chamber calendar. It’s Small Business Month, and here at the WestShore Chamber we are celebrating in many ways!

Throughout October, we’ve been releasing 10 Instagram Reels (a.k.a. videos) to highlight a selection of our members. In July, WestShore Chamber members had a chance to sign up on a first-come, first-served basis to be part of this initiative. You can check out this and all our Instagram content at www.instagram.com/westshorechamber/ and we’ll be posting on Facebook as well.

We were pleased to be asked by our Corporate Partner WorkLink Employment Society to provide a Guest Blog Post on “top tips for networking” for their Small Business Week blog. Check out the “News” section at worklink.bc.ca to find out more!

In partnership with the BC Chamber of Commerce, it’s been our pleasure to promote the Small Business Week Summit, a week of programming open to everyone thanks to the generosity of the BC Chamber. The four 1.5-hour sessions included reconciliation, resilience, AI, and navigating uncertainty. You can find out more at bcchamber.org, and if you missed it this year, keep an eye out for programming throughout the year from the BC Chamber.

Last but not least, we celebrated small business in October through the announcement of the winners and finalists at the Best of the WestShore Awards Gala on October 27th. There were over a thousand nominations across 44 categories in 2023 and 36,000+ votes, growing once again year on year.

The WestShore Chamber has many small businesses in its membership. Times are still challenging for many, and it is because of our members that we can promote, connect, and support businesses and community. Thank you all for your support of this small non-profit organisation! We are always happy to help, and you can learn more about us at westshore.bc.ca, or give us a call on (250) 478-1130.

Julie Lawlor is Executive Director at the WestShore Chamber of Commerce

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