VICTORIA – A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to underground pipes. Be it corrosion over time, or an invasive root from a nearby tree, the pipes that run under streets and sidewalks can often be compromised.

Victoria Drain Services has found a way to restore underground pipe systems that doesn’t require ripping up concrete and digging into the ground.

Founded in the early 2000s, the company has been on the cutting edge of drainage installation and repair in the residential, commercial, and municipal sectors, offering some of the industry’s most innovative solutions.

Victoria Drain Services fields a team of NASSCO certified pipe inspectors who use robotics and a mobile CCTV operating hub to ensure that pipes throughout the Island are up to code

“For about five years, we’ve been doing pipe lining inside of residential and commercial buildings, for pipes from two to six inches in diameter,” says owner Dave Lloyd. “It’s akin to putting a stent in an artery instead of open heart surgery. With pipe lining, we don’t have to dig anything up or open up walls. With this technology, we essentially slide a sleeve into the pipe that adds 50 years to its lifespan.”

After the acquisition of a company that serviced municipal pipe systems just last year, Victoria Drain Services has begun to use this technology in the municipal and commercial sectors as well.

“This means that we don’t have to rip up the roads when we’re doing pipe repair,” says Lloyd. “If there are roots breaking through the wall of the pipe, we have the right machinery to get inside and clean it up.”

This also helps issues connected with asbestos in old pipes or in the walls of residential buildings. Minimizing disturbance through lining technology means that cities, contractors, and homeowners can avoid the costly process of disposing of asbestos.

Victoria Drain Services also fields a team of NASSCO certified pipe inspectors who use robotics and a mobile CCTV operating hub to ensure that pipes throughout the Island are up to code.

Lloyd founded the company 17 years ago after completing some drain work on his own home. The structure was built in the 1940s, and each house on the street had a similar drainage problem related to the building’s original materials.

Local Drain Specialists Grow from Home-Based Operation to Industry Leaders

“One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, I started replacing all my neighbors drains,” he continues. “The company started with myself working out of the garage and the backyard of the house. We eventually purchased the neighbour’s house to expand for parking, and from there, we started looking for a building to move into.”

Lloyd found a lot and began drawing up plans for his new headquarters, but just before they were ready to start construction, he realized the company had already outgrown the new facility. This led the team to its current 6500 square foot location at 31 Regina Avenue.

Dave Lloyd, Owner of Victoria Drain Services

In the last two years, Victoria Drain Services experienced substantial growth due to the acquisition of Island Pipe Inspection (IPI). Today, the staff sits at around 38 employees, with about 30 vehicles on the road, many of them containing specialty equipment unique to the Island.

“Victoria Drains has always focussed mostly on residential while doing some commercial work,” says Lloyd. “IPI focussed on municipal and commercial, so now we’re the only company on the Island who offer the whole scale of drain work from residential to municipal. This acquisition was a perfect fit for us, and we’re now able to offer more services than ever.”

Today, the company provides a range of services including power rooting and flushing, waterline leak detection, storm and sewer line replacement and rehabilitation, mini excavating and trucking, and more. They field a fleet of service vehicles and an excavation division that includes several dump trucks and mini excavators. They offer a full range of camera work where they can examine the interior lines with a special CCTV system that can provide information about underground pipes to remove the need for exploratory digging.

According to Lloyd, the company’s success wouldn’t be possible without his outstanding management crew.

Victoria Drain Services now boasts a staff of over 38 since its acquisition of Island Pipe Inspection last year

“If I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing about my management crew,” he says. “They’re just exceptional people who are personable and focused on customer service. I’m extremely proud of my staff.

“We really just try to take care of our customers. We pride ourselves in having the proper equipment for the jobs, and do a lot of training – in house as well as outside specialists.”

The team works hard to give customers the best possible experience with an accurate, transparent quoting process to ensure clients are aware of all potential costs.

While many drainage companies tend to work in plumbing and drain work, Victoria Drain Services has decided to stay focussed on what they do best.

Lloyd emphasizes, “We don’t do plumbing. We do drainage. Now that most plumbing companies realize we’re not competing with them, we’ve been getting a lot more calls to help them out on a job.

“We’re 100 per cent drainage, and that means we’re staying on top of industry innovation, offering the highest level of service and expertise we can. We’re drain specialists.”