December 18, 2023

A border between two countries can be a good opportunity for purchasing cheaper goods on the other side of where we live! 

BRITISH COLUMBIA – Still have Christmas shopping to do and live close to our US neighbours? Well, according to a recent release by HelloSafe, a platform comparing financial products in Canada, there are still at least 5 things worth buying across the border despite the rate of exchange.

Beddings and Towels – In terms of luxury brands, it’s much cheaper to buy a fresh new set of beddings or towels in the US than in Canada. Indeed, it often pays to look for end-of-season sales at Kate Spade or even at Ralph Lauren Home.

Toys – Since a lot of toy brands are made in the US territory, it’s normal to find some toys cheaper in this country. This works for brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Little Tikes or American Girl. US retailers that sell these toys have prices that can’t be beat elsewhere.

Jeans – There’s no better place to buy denim than the US. You will find plenty of discount denim at big bow retailers such as Target and Walmart. But, US is also the perfect place to invest in more luxury jeans without blowing the bank. Indeed, you can look for American-made brands like Rag&Bone or Paige. These brands are available in Canada but they’re much cheaper to buy in the US.

Footwear – If you’ve ever ordered shoes from an international website, you may have been broadsided by unexpectedly high duties (that can sometimes double the price of the shoes themselves). This is because the shoes may have been sourced from a country that doesn’t currently have a free trade agreement with Canada. So, you can purchase shoes from American brands such as Bass, New Balance, Keen… that you will find at a much cheaper price.

Electronics – There’s usually not a huge difference between what Canadians and Americans pay for large-scale home electronics. However, you can make the biggest savings on smaller electronics and accessories such as GPS devices, memory cards, flash drives, video games or even wearable tech.

5 Things That Are Worth Buying In Canada For Americans

Cheese –¬†According to Numbeo*, cheese is generally cheaper in Canada than in the US. Indeed, 1 kilogram of local cheese costs an average of 11.76$ in Canada, while in the US, you’ll pay on average 13.22$. It can be worth crossing the border if you are up to buy big volumes!

Tourist attractions & hotel rooms -In average, visiting the top tourist attractions in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal will set you back an average of 23.10$, using costs shown by Price of Travel website, against a 43.16$ average cost in the US. The same website reveals that hotel room prices in greater cities are 47% more expensive in the US than in Canada. That’s why spending holidays in Canada for Americans is definitely a great deal!

Mountain equipment – It is not a secret that Canada is an outdoor sports paradise, enjoying beautiful mountains and vast untouched naturel parks. Indeed, some brands like Mountain Equipment Co-op – that can only be found in Canada – are top references for mountain equipment. A good reason to cross the border if you are American and fond of outdoor activities.

New cars – Sometimes, it’s cheaper to buy a car in Canada than in the US. Even if it depends on the model of the car and where you are buying it, here’s some cars that are cheaper in Canada:

A Volkswagen Golf or equivalent will cost approximately 23,000$ in Canada compared to 26,870$ in the US

A Toyota Corolla or equivalent will cost approximately 21,603$ while it will cost 24,902$ on average in the US.

Medicine – Medicine is way cheaper in Canada than in the United States. In fact, the difference in prices is so big that many Americans are buying their prescription drugs from their northern neighbors. An EpiPen, for instance, is about a third of the cost in Canada.

Source: hellosafe



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