TLC Victoria Adds Blue Anvil Labour Leasing Services

July 7, 2020

VICTORIA – TLC Victoria specializes in skilled labour and trades, and is a leading blue-collar staffing agency on Vancouver Island.

Keri Ellis

Part owner and Office Manager Keri Ellis started TLC Victoria alongside her husband, Barclay, in 2008. The company has seen steady growth in the last 5 years, and now includes a full-time staff of 10 and a temporary workforce of 80-100 people who work daily on various construction projects in Greater Victoria.

As the Ellis’ have seen Victoria grow, they have identified a need in the construction industry and recognized the importance of apprenticeships, leading them to create a new company: Blue Anvil Labour Leasing Services, a full-service recruitment agency specializing in the placement and development of skilled tradespeople.

Blue Anvil focuses on guiding people through their apprenticeships to develop a life-long, successful career in construction.

In launching the company, Ellis recognized challenges women face when entering the construction industry.

“We are at the beginning stages of creating a hub for women in construction that further encourages women to join and pursue a career in the trades by providing them with opportunities and resources to do so,” Keri states. “By working with Blue Anvil, we offer tradespeople the chance to begin or complete apprenticeships, while working with multiple clients to find the right fit.”

TLC Victoria and Blue Anvil have Quality Assurance Teams in place to ensure their clients and workforce are pleased with their placements. Keri and team members have designed the businesses to allow clients access to both companies, while maintaining synergy with similar management, administration and quality assurance teams.

When a client wants skilled tradespeople – apprentices and up – for longer-term placements to complement their current team, Blue Anvil offers that.

“Blue Anvil employees are not for hire,” Keri notes. “They are permanent Blue Anvil employees that are available for temporary or long-term placements. However, if a client is looking for on-demand labour or to hire a worker full-time, TLC Victoria provides a great way to fill gaps or to audition a temporary employee prior to committing to them full-time.” TLC Victoria and Blue Anvil have signed the Builders Code pledge, which defines what an “acceptable worksite” is. The Code is intended to help construction employers communicate reasonable, consistent behavioral expectations to improve the safety, productivity and retention of all skilled tradespeople, and reduce project risk.

Keri notes that “our renovations on our new Blue Anvil office are to be completed in the coming weeks and we are very excited for the future.”

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