The Aria Wins Vireb Multi-Family Townhouse Category

June 4, 2021

Blueprint Custom Homes’ Duncan Project Earns Commercial Building Award

The Aria of Duncan won the Multi-Family Townhouse Category in the 2021 VIREB Awards

DUNCANThe Aria was named the Award of Excellence winner in the Multi-Family Townhouse category in the 14th Annual Vancouver Island Real Estate Board Commercial Building Awards May 7.

The Aria, built by Scott Klippenstein’s Blueprint Custom Homes at 6122 Somenos Road, was one of 11 category winners in the prestigious event, which celebrated the best in commercial, industrial and revenue-producing buildings completed in 2020 from the Malahat to Port Hardy.

It was designed by 3d Jens, and the building is owned by Lambert Everest Holdings.

The Aria is part of an up-and-coming neighborhood with a new shopping centre being constructed on the adjacent block that’s home to a new 49th Parallel Grocery store, a Tim Horton’s, and other retailers. It has a modern look and feel that Duncan has never seen before, and features modern design, gas furnaces, barbecue fireplaces, plus bonus rooms with separate entrances on a main level.

Blueprint is a builder and developer and works on projects from multi-family developments to luxury homes to cottages and everything in between. That includes cottages and micro homes, which are on the rise everywhere due to their smaller footprint and rental income potential.

They also work with Indigenous clients to build homes and incorporate features that respect and honour their cultural heritage.

Blueprint’s passion is helping clients build homes that meets their needs, while working creatively to provide their wants as well, on time and on budget. There are

practical benefits to building a custom home, as with the right team and the right planning, homes can be constructed at around 90% of the cost of the same home at retail.

“We build the home to perfectly meet our client’s needs, and they won’t be paying for features they don’t want or need,” says Klippenstein. “Often, they’ll be getting more of the things on their ‘want’ list.”

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