Terrawest Brings Big Business Results With A Local Feel To Environmental Consulting

August 25, 2020

A Serious Focus On Relationships And Top-Of-The-Line Work Make Terrawest A Competitive Industry Standout


Alister Frayling 

BRITISH COLUMBIA – Alister Frayling began working in forestry consultation on BC’s west coast in the mid-eighties. As he added to his repertoire and consulting skills, it was clear he could do more. TerraWest was born in 2007 in a basement office in Duncan, an environmental consultation company with a goal of providing industry-leading service and support for clients, with strong relationships and exceptional results in every project.

To realize this, Alister needed a partner. Adam Mabbott, Terra West’s now VP of Operations, was that missing piece.

Adam Mabbott 

“I was in Calgary working as an environmental consultant, and returned to BC to help Alister manage the new Nanaimo office in 2008,” describes Adam. “Over time we’ve grown to four regional locations in Victoria, Nanaimo, Prince George and Kelowna. Today, we have twenty-five employees working in everything from contaminated site remediation and construction monitoring, to emergency spill response and waste management.”

TerraWest’s focus on industry leading service, reasonable prices and practical results have helped them stand apart in a competitive field. Their dedicated care for clients creates a personal, local feel from the very beginning of the relationship, starting with what they call, ‘Karma Consulting’.

TerraWest offers a multitude of services, from environmental assessments and waste management

“We provide free consultations, allowing clients to understand how their project will be executed, our decision-making, and expected outcomes, so everyone is comfortable moving forward,” explains Adam. “We believe this, along with our internal philosophy of daily, continuous improvement will bring us lasting success.”

TerraWest are proudly local, working, living and playing in the communities they serve. They also value a healthy work/life balance, supporting workloads between offices and offering flexibility with employee’s professional time, and more. This has created a unique longevity in their teams.

A TerraWest emergency spill response trailer 

Erich Bell, our first employee, began as a Junior Technician,” notes Adam. “Today, he’s Operations Manager of our largest location in Nanaimo.”

Looking forward, TerraWest plans to expand their hazardous material department and emergency spill response services, as well as making improvements on their workspace infrastructure in the coming years. Today, TerraWest is focused on maintaining a lean, efficient business model, while continuing to offer clients the excellent service they’ve come to expect.




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