Published On: Monday, 12 June 2017

Victoria Home First to be Qualified Under New 'Net Zero Home' Initiative

Victoria Home First to be Qualified Under New 'Net Zero Home' Initiative
The program provides the industry and consumers with a clearly defined and rigorous two-tiered technical requirement that recognizes Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes, and identifies the builders and renovators who provide them. (Photo Credit: CHBA-VI)

VICTORIA - Falcon Heights Contracting (Falcon Heights) in Victoria has built the first net-zero energy home in Canada to be qualified under the new Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) Net Zero Home Labelling Program.

Falcon Heights owner Dave Mackenzie, a member of CHBA Vancouver Island, pitched the net-zero idea to his clients who were already looking to build an energy-efficient home equipped with a photo-voltaic solar system to generate electricity. With the help of an energy advisor, the company was able to modify the existing plans to meet the Net Zero Home technical requirements and retain the design on the narrow ocean-front lot.

“Energy conservation was really important to the homeowners. We were able to introduce cutting-edge technology, such as an air-to-water heat pump system, to provide radiant heat and mild cooling while still exceeding Net Zero Home requirements,” said Mackenzie. “The finished product is a comfortable and contemporary home, with unobstructed ocean views and an expansive interior.”

As a net-zero energy home, its EnerGuide rating – a measure of energy consumption in gigajoules per year – is 0, since the home is designed to produce as much energy as it uses.

CHBA British Columbia is qualified to deliver the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program in the province.

“This achievement demonstrates how industry is leading the way in energy efficiency, through voluntary programs like the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program. We congratulate Falcon Heights Contracting on this achievement, and look forward to sending out more labels to our members across BC in the future,” says Neil Moody, CEO of CHBA British Columbia (CHBA BC).

“The CHBA congratulates the team at Falcon Heights Contracting, a member of CHBA Vancouver Island, for being the first in Canada to achieve this prestigious recognition under our new program,” says Sonja Winkelmann, Director, Net Zero Energy Housing.

“We would also like to thank CHBA BC and Energy Advisor Niels Anthonsen, for the third-party testing and inspections that supported Falcon Heights. Together, the builder and their team of professionals have achieved an impressive milestone in Canadian housing.”