Specialized Printer Has Served Region for Nearly 50 Years

May 14, 2018

VICTORIA – The task of making a good first impression can be the difference between success and failure, especially for business. Ensuring that an enterprises’ best face is put on all of its external marketing and presentation materials has been the stock and trade of Victoria’s Rolex Plastics and Printing Ltd. for nearly half a century – and it has no intention of changing that any time soon.

“Our specialty is the creation of logo branded printing, items such as marketing and stationary supplies, three-ring binders, vinyl wallets, restaurant menu covers, lawn signs and just about any office supplies a company’s logo can be printed on,” explained Sam Soliman Rolex Plastic’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“What’s unique about us is not only do we print on paper, but also on plastic and vinyl, all with exclusive design and branding of our clients. Take three-ring binders, ideal for training organizations and departments, for example. We manufacture them from start to finish. We start with the boards and then we cut them up, seal them and then print whatever message, logo, and design the customer wants. These are ideal for seminars or any type of corporate record keeping, and are perfect for health, safety, and training manuals.”

Operating with long-term, experienced, production staff, Rolex is located in a sprawling 15,000 square foot shop at 2745 Bridge Street in Victoria. Launched in 1972, the company routinely serves clients located across Canada. Thanks to its competitive pricing, superior product line and extraordinary customer service Rolex Plastics has become the provider of choice for firms large and small when it comes to marketing and brand visibility.

Rolex operates complete offset and digital and screen printing departments and bindery operation, providing increased color and production capabilities. Specialists in the manufacture of products that enhance a company’s outward presentation, Rolex Plastics & Printing produces logo-branded marketing products including business cards, door hangers, marketing signs, decals, drink coasters, postcards, note pads, fridge magnets, and brochures. Logo-branded office stationary supplies include binders, clipboards, letterheads, envelopes, carbonless forms and more.

“Auto dealership wallets are extremely popular, the sort of item used to hold automotive warranties are a good example of the types of things we produce for our clients. Another frequent assignment is the printing of menu covers for hotels and restaurants. Our primary clients are businesses so you’d have to say that we were founded to help businesses succeed,” Soliman said.

“We routinely serve all types of business, from manufacturers to hotels to restaurants to grocery stores and general commercial businesses. Basically we work with any business that requires its logo imprinted on marketing or office supplies or even realtor lawn signs. We frequently work with realtors and election candidates that need a lot of lawn signs. The range of products is basically as diverse as the clients we make them for.”

Keeping up with the latest trends in full color printing technology Rolex Plastics & Printing is staffed and equipped to handle virtually any presentation-themed printing assignment. “We have a long and rich history in the print industry and anticipate continuing to build on that history in the years to come,” he explained.

“We may be a local business, but we serve a client base that spans the continent. We offer businesses a number of solutions to make their brand shine, which really is what it’s all about.”

www.rolexplastics.com, www.bclawnsigns.com & www.menucovers.ca


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