South Island Leaders Unite To Address Economic Crisis And Recovery

April 16, 2020

VICTORIA – Representatives of local government, businesses, institutions and nonprofits have banded together to respond to the sharpest economic downturn our region has ever seen. The South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP) has convened the leaders on a taskforce devoted to developing a strong and coordinated region-wide response to the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emilie de Rosenroll is CEO of South Island Prosperity Partnership

SIPP, an alliance of over 60 public and private sector partners in Greater Victoria, views the multi-stakeholder approach as essential to developing a coordinated economic recovery strategy and advance plans to create greater economic resiliency in the region to withstand future global shocks. Members of the taskforce, called the “Rising Economy Taskforce,” include representatives from businesses, First Nations, municipal governments, post-secondary institutions and nonprofits.

SIPP’s CEO, Emilie de Rosenroll, says the taskforce will focus on supporting relief and recovery efforts, as well as exploring what elements are needed for longer-term economic resilience.

“Let’s use this crisis well. While things may still get worse before they get better, our region must start planning immediately if we want to see the vibrancy return to our economy. The South Island is collaborative – as a result, we can come together to ensure that when the recovery begins, we rebound as quickly as possible. By coming together now, we can use this crisis as a platform for future prosperity,” said SIPP CEO Emilie de Rosenroll.

The primary purpose of the taskforce is to provide guidance and gather input to inform a recovery strategy. Some initial actions include conducting a business impact assessment and evaluating demand for a Business Recovery Centre. The taskforce will also measure impact on key economic assets, assess employment issues, and explore business transitions and new emerging opportunities.

Thrifty Foods is proud to support SIPPs leadership on this crucial initiative. We know the Rising Economy Taskforce will be effective and engaging as we create relief, recovery and resilience in our new economy,” said Ralf Mundel, VP Operations, Thrifty Foods.

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