Service Commitment Drives 360 Comfort Systems Growth

July 30, 2020

Heating And Cooling Systems Company One Of The Cowichan Valley’s Fastest Growing Businesses

DUNCAN – A solid commitment to customer service has helped 360 Comfort Systems become one of the fastest growing businesses in the Cowichan Valley.

Reed and Erika Gary at 360 Comfort Systems

Reed Gary is General Manager and owner of the company he founded in 2011 to provide heating and cooling systems and service, meaning year-round comfort for commercial and residential clients.

“We’re one of the fastest growing companies because we really do take care of our customers,” he notes. “A large amount of our business comes from referrals from customers who are very happy with us and tell their friends.”

Heating repair and installation, regular and ductless heat pumps, central air conditioning installation and repair, HVAC maintenance, gas furnace repair and installation. Brand name products include their own brand, 360 Comfort Systems, York, Amana, Fujitsu and Daikin.

“We sell a lot of heat pumps, as that’s the main thing we do,” he notes. “We do duct work and gas fitting, but heat pumps is our specialty.”

Ductless heat pumps have become increasingly popular.

“Ductless heat pumps don’t use duct work. They have an indoor head that mounts on the wall and heats or cools the air in your home,” Reed states. “The ductless heat pumps are essentially the same idea for heating and cooling the air, but it’s a unit that mounts on the wall or on the floor, brings air in and out of the home. People who don’t have ductwork can easily use these systems, and they work very, very well.

“Homeowners who have them are very very happy to have lower heating bills and higher comfort,” he adds. “There are lots of people with electric baseboard heat that is very expensive, but it doesn’t supply any sort of cooling option. Heat pumps are a less expensive source of heat and also provides cooling for the summer.”

Members of the 360 Comfort Systems team

Reed had worked for another company in the same industry for six years before starting 360 Comfort Systems.

“Both of my parents were entrepreneurs,” he observes. “My dad was a serial entrepreneur, and he started and ran many businesses throughout Canada. That’s where I got the bug.”

Like many companies, the COVID-19 crisis has hit hard, but their 16 employees are all back at work.

360 Comfort Systems moved to their current location at 1059 Canada Avenue in 2014 and the business has tripled in size since.

It all comes down to how we serve our customer service,” he says, pointing to the reasons for the firm’s success. “We have some of the best customer service software, we get lots of comments on how great it is. Our customer service advisors can find out what the customers need and get them responses and quotes right away.”

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