SendtoNews Joins the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace

July 14, 2020

IRIS.TV, a video intelligence platform, announced the introduction of SendtoNews to the company’s Contextual Video Marketplace. With this integration, STN’s online video platform of premium content will be contextually segmented by a growing list of leading data providers including Oracle Data Cloud, Comscore and Spectrum Media Services. Marketers will now be able to contextually target STN’s over a billion monthly video views across thousands of trusted publishers in a privacy-first and brand-suitable way.

The SendtoNews video platform delivers a contextually relevant experience for publishers’ articles by providing premium relevant video content along with increased monetization from video advertising. Premium content includes video from Associated Press, Bloomberg, MLB, Rolling Stone, Conde Nast, Variety, the NFL and hundreds of others.

Matthew Watson is CEO of SendtoNews

Recently, SendtoNews worked with their league content partners like MLB, the NBA, NFL and PGA Tour to receive “Best Of” packages that include hundreds of pieces of video content, including the Washington Nationals 2019 World Series Run, Highlights of Michael Jordan’s Career, the Top All-Time NFL Rookie Performances and much more. Several Fortune 100 brands have already leveraged this content for their previously paused sports ad spend and are now reaching local audiences in contextually relevant environments.

“We’re thrilled to have SendtoNews integrated into our Contextual Video Marketplace,” said Richie Hyden, COO & Co-founder of IRIS.TV. “It’s great to partner with an innovative team that shares a mission of enabling the world’s leading publishers and brands to maximize the value of video in a cookieless world.”

“Working with IRIS.TV will allow us to offer brands and agencies the best contextually relevant video experience,” said Matthew Watson, CEO of SendtoNews. “We are excited for the value this partnership will bring to brands, and, concomitantly, our publishers.”

IRIS.TV’s contextual video marketplace simplifies the complexity of the video ecosystem across CTV, web, and mobile video to enable context and brand-safety targeting capabilities for the first time. The marketplace has simplified thousands of integration points into a single ecosystem bringing together publishers, contextual data partners, ad servers and SSPs into a marketplace that enables publishers’ video content to be analyzed and categorized into industry-accepted brand-safety and brand-suitable segments that can be purchased by marketers through any DSP for direct, private marketplace and open auction buying.

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