Royal Roads Blended Delivery Helps Working Professionals Earn MBA

May 17, 2023

Through immersive on-campus residencies, MBA students at RRU get a chance to connect with their cohort, attend classes, complete team assignments and take part in extracurricular activities.

VICTORIA – The blended delivery model of Royal Roads University’s Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Executive Management makes it easy for working professionals to complete their degree while staying on the job.

Not only that, but the flexible admissions pathway recognizes learning that has happened outside of the traditional classroom, allowing prospective students to enroll without holding an undergraduate degree.

Dr. Lois Fearon has been at Royal Roads for over 20 years and has recently assumed responsibility as MBA Program Head. She is excited to be working with the kind of students the program attracts and the opportunities it opens up.

Dr. Lois Fearon, Royal Roads University MBA Program Head

MBA applicants under flexible admission would normally require at least 10 years of full-time relevant work experience, with five years at a management level and increasing levels of responsibility.

“Traditionally to enroll in a graduate program, students need undergraduate degrees,” she says. “But we recognize that many individuals who have had excellent professional experience and have worked in management for a number of years, may never have completed an undergrad. Maybe they went right into the workforce from high school, or pursued a college diploma or a trade, working their way up through management levels or building their own companies.

“We want to recognize that experience. They may not want to sit in a classroom with undergraduate students and learn the basics of business.  They are way beyond that.”

This recognition has been a staple at Royal Roads for over two decades.

The combination of distance and on-campus learning is also powerful, with the flexibility giving students the best of both spheres.

“With the MBA program we have two short residency periods combined with distant learning courses. Options to complete the program over 18 or 31 months are available.  Regardless of the option, students continue to work in their professional jobs throughout the duration of the program,” she states.

The RRU MBA students bring years of experience from a variety of backgrounds, including finance, insurance, government, health, education, private and energy sectors.

With Flexible Admission, Royal Roads University sees the value in professional achievements and hard-earned experience, more than formal education and qualifications.

“This program is fantastic because most of the students are working professionals and they’re applying what they’re learning right away on their jobs, basically the next day,” she notes.

Dr. Fearon adds that besides the course material itself, an extremely valuable aspect of the MBA program is the relationships built within the RRU community.

“Students build strong bonds within the cohort and with faculty, and they carry that through the rest of their careers,” she observes. “It fosters a strong sense of community.”

“An MBA from Royal Roads University provides the knowledge and skills people need to increase their influence in the workplace and move their career forward,” Dr. Fearon says. “It is designed to recognize prospective students’ work and life experience, and our flexible admission policy creates professional pathways for those who may lack formal education.”

By Mark MacDonald

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