Record Breaking Revenue For Vecima Networks

January 10, 2022

VICTORIAVecima Networks Inc. has announced record-breaking sales of between $43-44 million for the three-month period ending December 31, 2021 – the highest quarterly revenue in the company’s 33 year history.

“Swiftly growing demand for our Entra Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) solutions has propelled Vecima’s sales to new heights in Q2,” says President and Chief Executive Officer Sumit Kumar, Vecima’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With the cable industry’s transition to gigabit speeds via distributed access architecture now underway, customers worldwide are choosing Vecima’s DAA solutions to underpin their network infrastructure buildouts.

“The rapid pace of Entra adoption, paired with strong supply chain management, are driving us to record quarterly sales increases and into the next phase of corporate growth.”

The results represent year-over-year quarterly organic growth of between 43-45 percent and sequential quarter-over-quarter organic growth of between 33-35 percent.

“Our pace of growth was additionally accelerated by exceptional performance in our Content Delivery and Storage segment,” notes Kumar, adding “with robust demand across the balance of the MediaScaleX product family and a segment record in quarterly sales helping to fuel our momentum.

“Vecima believes this is only the start of an expected multi-year investment cycle, with the market still in the early innings of the broader industry’s transformative shift to Distributed Access Architecture and IPTV,” says Kumar.

Vecima is expected to release its second quarter fiscal 2022 financial statements on February 10.



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