Praxis Recruitment Brings A Personal Touch To Helping Clients Land Their Dream Employees

May 26, 2021

Christina And Drew Stewart Are In The Business Of Playing Matchmaker Between Companies And Job Seekers In BC

The husband-wife duo works together to match excellent employees with great companies

BRITISH COLUMBIA – Family-owned-and-operated recruitment agencies are few and far between, but Praxis Recruitment is just such a business. Launched by Drew and Christina Stewart in 2015, the boutique agency operates from a home office in Roberts Creek, BC.

It was a pleasant change of pace for the entrepreneurial couple.

“Both of us have worked big city jobs commuting in suits on the SkyTrain,” explains Christina. “We much prefer the productivity that comes from working at home, for both our family and our clients. We get to spend plenty of time with our three kids while running a recruitment firm we truly feel offers a different, better experience for our clients.”

Christina and Drew Stewart, owners and operators of Praxis Recruitment

The duo feels a deep sense of pride helping job seekers find edifying jobs, and businesses onboard the ideal employee. They do this with a strong HR component baked into their company’s internal wiring. Drew and Christina understand there is more to a successful employee outside of education and experience.

“There is a whole host of soft skills that need to be considered in order for an individual to be an appropriate fit for an organization,” elaborates Christina. “We take the time at the outset of any search to meet with stakeholders to understand their company culture and what personality traits work best within any given team. Investing time upfront pays off when we can focus on an applicant’s soft skills through our interviews and determine the best match. Finding someone who ticks off all the requirements from both a technical and soft skill perspective is our goal for each and every search.”

Treating applicants with respect also helps their client’s brand, delivering an overall positive takeaway with the job hunter. The Praxis team consider themselves an extension of their clients and work to make sure people feel good about the hiring experience, whether they ultimately get the job or not.

Drew and Christina stepped away from big-city work to establish Praxis at home, giving them the opportunity to spend more time with their children

“We ensure all candidates receive the utmost respect and dignity,” elaborates Drew. “Job hunting can be nerve-racking. You’re putting yourself out there to be judged and graded, with only your accomplishments and work history to get you in the door. Part of that respect is making sure anyone interviewed by us or our client gets updated on where they stand in securing the position. We call our candidates when they’ve not moved on in the recruitment process, which is never fun, but something too many in this industry opt not to do. We get many thankful comments from applicants who appreciate the personal touch of speaking to them, even when the news isn’t so great. We’re with them every step of the way.”

This combination of drilling into the essence of what makes a business and career seeker an ideal match, and being an empathetic, guiding hand in the process has built Praxis into what it is today.

A successful company run by good people, helping employers hire better, and people find their dream job.





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