Pine Lighting Victoria Illuminates Possibilities For Their Clients

May 30, 2022

From left: Randy Wilkes, Josh Dingwall, Andrea Cracknell, Chad Thomas and Phil Coffey. Photos by Brynn Feather Visuals

VICTORIAAndrea Cracknell and her team has a lot of fun as they illuminate the possibilities for clients of Pine Lighting Victoria.

“Our mission is to help customers find lighting that they love, at an affordable price, with as much fun as possible,” states Andrea, who partnered with Chrystal Rozander, in 2013, and is now the majority owner of the Victoria Franchise. “We are a fun, energetic and knowledgeable staff that loves the work we do.

“We strive to make choosing lighting easy and hope our clients enjoy the process while they are working with us!  We love helping our clients manage their projects from start to finish. We promise to make their experience better than expected and help them choose the right lighting fixtures that they’ll love for years to come.”

Owner/Operator Andrea Cracknell with account manager Randy Wilkes

Andrea really enjoys being a business owner in an industry that is typically dominated by men.
“I enjoy working with all the wonderful designers and contractors in the city,” she states. “There are some wonderful women business owners that I have met and formed great relationships with over the years. The relationships with clients are what makes the job.

Andrea started working for Pine Lighting Victoria in 2007 at age 24 after moving to Vancouver Island and earning a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree in Kinesiology  from the University of Western Ontario.

“I  didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living after moving here. This job seemed like a fun way to make some money for a little while, while I settled in. However, I ended up loving the job, and was the store manager within the first six months,” she recalls, adding she is currently navigating running the business and being a new mother.

“Lighting is constantly changing, which is part of what I love about it,” she says. “Right now black is our most popular finish. The type of lighting style right now is either modern or farm house, but the popular finish among both styles is black.

From left: Phil Coffey, Owner/Operator Andrea Cracknell and showroom manager Josh Dingwall

“LED products have taken over the industry, and the technology changes faster than you can blink! The LED tape, fixtures, light bulbs, recessed lights, color changing lights, lighting controls and apps, the list is endless. There are things we can do with lighting now that a few years ago were only dreamed about.”

Pine Lighting Victoria did grow, after being hit hard for the first few months of the Covid pandemic, as job sites in the province remained open. Andrea adds that custom homes being built on the Island has created a larger market for their operation as well.

“I have done everything possible to make sure Pine Lighting Victoria is a place where everyone feels important and where customer service is paramount,” Andrea states. “I believe that the success of the business comes from our staff and how they treat the customers. My employees are my family, and we want our clients to feel like they are invited into our family as well. We want them to enjoy their time that they spend with us. We know that there are many choices and know we need to earn the loyalty of our clients!”

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