Patwell Consulting Helps Clients Lead Meaningful Change

April 27, 2023

Victoria-Based Author Celebrates 25 Years in Consulting Business

Beverley Patwell of Patwell Consulting Inc

VICTORIA – It was 25 years ago that Beverley Patwell founded Patwell Consulting Inc. to help people lead meaningful change.

Three years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, she launched her second book Leading Meaningful Change: Capturing the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With and Serve. Little did she know when she wrote her book that she herself would need to apply this approach as she pivoted and turned her business on a dime. Her approach has been beneficial in helping people and businesses to live through change and transitions in their life and career, and through complex, tumultuous, uncertain times.

“It’s been a journey. . .a lot of pivoting, being adaptable, customizing for the current context and to meet current and emerging needs,” Beverley notes. “I am grateful for the long-standing relationships that form my network of colleagues and clients. They have supported me through these very challenging times. We continue to learn with and from each other.”

Beverley is an experienced leader, senior organizational development and change consultant, practitioner, Executive coach, author and teacher that has worked around the world inspiring and developing people to lead meaningful change. She has also taught at numerous universities in Canada and the U.S.

She also co-wrote her first book with  Edith Whitfield Seashore called Triple Impact Coaching. Use of Self in the Coaching Process that informs the foundation of her work.

Cover for the Beverley Patwell’s book: Leading Meaningful Change

“Patwell Consulting coaches senior teams to lead the organizational culture shifts, and changes they need using the principles that they value the most. The result is transformative and meaningful,” she states. “Not only do leaders end up with practical solutions and achieve results but they also develop themselves and each other while they do their work. This makes the change that more effective and, ultimately, inspires people to move toward a common vision and purpose.”

Her company offers customized individual, team, executive and organizational coaching programs that may include Leadership and Team Assessments, 360 Feedback Assessments, Organizational Culture Surveys, Evaluating Culture Shifts processes, Customized exercises and workout sessions, that can be delivered across the organization.

Beverley also helps clients re-imagine and transition to the future by putting in place plans and strategies to help people define their leadership purpose, develop skills to embrace changes in their life, work and career transitions- including retirement and how to thrive in your next phase of life.

Long-time client Steve Kanelleakos of Ottawa states: “Patwell Consulting coaches senior teams to lead culture change in their organizations, using the principles that they value the most. The result is transformative and meaningful. Not only do leaders end up with solutions but they can also develop themselves at the same time. This makes the change that more effective and, ultimately, inspires people to move toward a common vision.”

Chart provides framework for Leading Meaningful Change

Key to Patwell Consulting’s success has been Beverley’s life-long commitment to learning and development, along with her ability to design and facilitate large-scale and team development.

“I love helping people develop in real time to effect positive change.” she says. “Customizing and aligning teams, the project or change process, and content so it is anchored in their real work, organization and or life context is what we are all about. I am passionate about strengthening teamwork, building partnerships and collaboration across the organization so together, people can learn, grow, be supported, and developed to embrace change and achieve the results they need for success.”

By Mark MacDonald




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