North Pacific Window: More Than Just a Window Supplier

December 20, 2022

North Pacific Window team in front of their office

QUALICUM BEACH – When it comes to win­dows, it is never “one size fits all”.

Tom Andres, President of North Pacific Win­dow, knows this better than anyone, and has structured the company and trained their team to pay extra attention to detail while making a perfect fit for their clients.

“We want builders and homeowners to see us as more than just a window supplier,” says Andres. “We’re not just a company that will sell windows, but we want our customers to see that bringing us in to design and install finishes the job off right.”

From left: Dan Turner, Tom Andres, Joseph Andres, Naomi Andres, Scott Tucker, Kostin Enns and Kirk Cermak. Not pictured is Sam Andres.

Andres has owned the company for 22 years, when he purchased Northwest Glass, which started in 1980.

North Pacific Window features Innotech Windows and Doors and West Coast Windows as the primary products they sell, and they also offer unique Folding Sliding Doors

Andres shares a typical day as an example of how North Pacific Window looks after their clients.

“Recently we drove to Victoria with a semi, a flat deck truck, an installation van and two service pickup trucks for our team to do a very large installation,” he recalls. “We des­cended on the site with our team that loves working together and I just stood back as an owner and marveled at how they did it all.”

North Pacific Window is a family business and is working towards a succession plan.

“I used to do almost everything, but now I have my sons on installation and service as well office management, my daughter in estimating and bookkeeping while my nephew, Scott Tucker, heads up sales and design,” Andres says. “I’m now overseeing all operations and because I’ve always loved driving truck, I’m handling the bulk of our shipments, but most importantly I’m still someone our customers can talk to anytime.”

Innotech Windows and Doors, supplied and installed by North Pacific Window. The builder is Rogers Homes by Design

Tucker wants to get involved early with customers to help guide them towards their purchases. “We want to be involved in the design of the project, so that our customer’s dream home becomes just that,” he says. “Being adequate isn’t good enough. It’s the attention to detail on the ‘little things’ that make a big difference on cost, function, performance and design and when given the opportunity we can always ensure that the budget is directed towards what’s most important to the client.”

Andres is proud of the North Pacific Win­dow team and how they perform, citing them as a major key to the company’s success. “At the heart of our business is our team’s desire to do every job great,” he notes. “That results in great window packages profession­ally installed.” 


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