February 12, 2024

BRITISH COLUMBIA — More than 220 BC musicians and music companies are being supported by four Amplify BC programs to develop their careers and businesses.

“We are proud to be the third largest music hub in Canada. Our music sector promotes and showcases BC culture on the global stage,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “Supporting BC’s artists and music businesses helps them continue to create the music we love and contributes to vibrant and connected communities throughout the province.”

Today’s recipients are receiving $3.3 million through four Amplify BC programs. This is a part of the government‘s $7.5-million contribution in 2023 to build the province‘s music talent and help launch careers.

Creative BC is proud to deliver economic development programs to BC’s music industry once again through the Province’s Amplify BC fund. These investments support our ecosystem by enabling creators and businesses to enhance and sustain their work, advance initiatives and elevate their careers. The funding is a unique catalyst for industry job creation, music production and the cultural reputation of BC’s music and sound-recording industry,” said Prem Gill CEO of Creative BC.

This year, the Career Development Program will support 105 emerging and established artists in BC with more than $1.1 million to record songs, film music videos, and market their music and intellectual property.

The Record in BC program will provide almost $350,000 to 21 projects that encourage out-of-province and international talent to come to BC to record and to grow essential business relationships with BC producers and recording engineers.

The Music Industry Initiatives program will assist 19 projects with $400,000. Grants will help develop the ecosystem and the people working within the music industry through training and professional development projects, showcasing and export projects, and industry research.

The Live Music Program will support 78 BC-based live music events and business-development activities with nearly $1.4 million so that they can create engagement opportunities for audiences and artists and enhance music tourism throughout BC.

The grants will not only support BC artists to create new work and develop their careers, but they will also help promote more business activity in BC, fostering development, innovation and partnerships. That means more opportunities for BC artists and more secure jobs for people throughout the province.

“The grant BC Touring Council received from Creative BC supports an innovative block-booking program for presenters to curate their seasons, discover new artists, route tours and work together to create more opportunities for touring artists. Currently, there are more than 60 presenters engaged through our block-booking system and more than 90 diverse artists are being shared and promoted. This is an exciting and unique program, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Creative BC,” Miriam Manley, executive director, BC Touring Council and Music Industry Initiatives grant recipient.

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Source: Creative BC




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