April 23, 2024

Thomas Nicolson is the General Manager of of Modern PURAIR in Victoria

VICTORIA – Cleaning the air is what Modern PURAIR does best, and because of that, General Manager Thomas Nicolson says the Victoria franchise works closely with restoration and post-construction companies throughout south Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

“We are brought into homes and buildings that have had fire/water damage or mold contamination by our clients to bring improvements and provide solutions for the building owners,” says Nicolson. “We clean and improve the air quality of air ventilation systems. That’s a big passion of ours, and it is an area of work that gets easily overlooked.

“When someone has experienced fire damage, they need to go through all the systems and make sure they’re clean. People don’t think about that, and don’t tend to realize why they may have respiratory problems going forward. It’s a huge issue.”

Modern PURAIR® is a full-service Indoor Air Quality company offering furnace and air duct cleaning, indoor air quality testing, coil cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, air purification equipment including HEPA filters and UVC/UVV germicidal technology, and filter maintenance programs for homes or business including offices, retail locations, property management companies, restoration companies, schools, hospitals, and more.

Modern PURAIR is Canada’s fastest growing indoor air quality company, cleaning the duct work in thousands of commercial buildings, residential homes, high-rise apartments, hospitals, and schools with their trademarked PURAIR® cleaning systems.

Commercial services include air duct cleaning, where all four sides of the ductwork are thoroughly scrubbed clean using their PUR CURx Contact Cleaning Scrub System. Their HEPA Filters and Germicidal UVC/UVV light technology provides air purification, and they also offer dryer vent and coil cleaning, as well as a filter maintenance program, to ensure that filters are regularly maintained and function properly.

Modern Purair staff heads out on the road to serve customers

Nicolson owned and operated a landscaping company while attending the University of Victoria while studying biochemistry, and decided to join Modern PURAIR last August.

“The reason why I came to Modern PURAIR was I saw their exceptional systems, processes and the workmanship that the company holds everyone to,” he states. “We provide informative reports to all our clients, educating them on their different systems and their needs while ensuring our work provides them with fresh clean air.”

“My own family has a history of breathing and respiratory problems, so the company speaks directly to a core principle of mine,” he says. “Health begins at home.”

Modern PURAIR donates one percent of its system sales to local charities through the PURKIDS foundation, which provides support to children and families who are low-income, experience crisis, facing short-term or long-term medical challenges, or otherwise in need. They do this by providing nutritious food, caregiving items, equipment, clothing, education, medical equipment, and other financial and emotional support, including assisting such children and families with access to medical facilities and services or other community programs.

Modern PURAIR has been growing steadily and recently doubled the size of their Victoria team, adding another Sprinter van to their fleet of vehicles.

“We’re on track towards having one of the strongest years the company has ever had, by a long shot,” he notes. “We attribute this to the fact we have great relationships with our clients, as 80 percent of our work year over year is from repeat customers.

“They like working with us because we do what we say we’re going to do, and show up when we say we’re going to show up.”

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