Mazzei Electric Continues Growth Surge

January 7, 2022

Electrical Company Operating in Thompson Okanagan, Northern BC and Vancouver Island

Mazzei Electric currently has multiple multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects on the go

BRITISH COLUMBIAMazzei Electric has been experiencing rapid growth over the past decade and has even further aspirations for the future.

On top of numerous construction projects across BC, they are now offering fully equipped service vans across Vancouver Island, the Thompson-Okanagan region, as well as Northern BC.

Mazzei Electric President Ben Mazzei

President Ben Mazzei attributes this growth to his team that is progressive, innovative, and forward-thinking.

“By hiring a diverse team, we have been able to explore ideas that we never would have before,” says Ben, adding this is reflected in their diversity across the organization.

Mazzei proudly has over 12% of their workforce that are women (over double the provincial average of women in trades), and has strong policies for ensuring that there is equality for all employees in terms of hiring, promotions, and training and development opportunities.

The culture that has been developed is one that encourages and engages employees at all levels and instills a sense of pride in the team.

Monika Zwilling is HR Manager at Mazzei Electric

“With the growth we have been experiencing, and will continue to see, there have been numerous opportunities for our employees to grow with us,” says HR Manager Monika Zwilling. “It has been amazing to see employees who were once Apprentices now leading projects as Site Forepersons, and employees growing into Project Manager and Service Manager roles.

“The pride, dedication and engagement from our team sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to be the best that we can be.”

Director of Operations Stuart Cuthbert also discussed the strategy of the diversity of work that Mazzei takes on.

Stuart Cuthbert is Director of Operations

“Our projects cover a range of scopes including high rise steel, concrete and mass timber, multiple schools, commercial and institutional buildings, wood frame condos, and townhomes, all complemented by our Service division,” Stuart notes. “One of the keys to our continued success and growth has been our drive to maintain and grow the type of work we do and the skillsets we have in our business. We offer a diversity of types of work so that employees can grow their skillsets and explore their strengths.”

Mazzei Electric welcomed a new Financial Controller, Jocelyn Christensen, earlier this year.

Jocelyn Christensen is Financial Controller for Mazzei

“Each Project Manager is empowered to look at their projects critically, beyond just managing the project but actually developing their business knowledge and looking at the big picture,” Jocelyn says, reflecting on the engagement of the team and how it contributes to Mazzei Electric’s financial success. “This includes things like developing relationships with the General Contractor to understanding the cash flow implications on the business.”

Monika adds: “Whether you are looking for an electrical contractor or maybe you are an electrician looking to join a growing team, visit our website to learn more.”



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