Published On: Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It's Time for the Best of West Shore

It's Time for the Best of West Shore

WEST SHORE - The Best of the West Shore Awards voting closed on September 30th, and since then the WestShore Chamber office has been buzzing as we made more than a hundred phone calls to the awards finalists, to tell them they’re in the winners’ bracket and inform them of the Awards Gala at The Westin Bear Mountain on October 29th. The Awards were entirely determined by public vote this year, rather than an initial nominations process, and we’ve been surprised and pleased at the level of interest generated. Normally we might expect that some categories won’t attract much attention, but as it turns out there have been votes cast in 34 business and 7 community categories, and so much so that we are able in every category to determine first, second and third place winners. The other great thing is that voting has covered all five municipalities of the West Shore – Colwood, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin and View Royal.

It’s a real pleasure to make a phone call to tell someone that they have been publically voted into the top three of their award category. The calls I have particularly enjoyed are the ones where the person at the other end of the phone says “I have?” [been voted into the top three.] “How did that happen?”

For those who weren’t aware the Best of the West Shore Awards were even going on the answer is simple – because they are clearly doing something right. It is particularly heartwarming that this happens when, as one of the finalists said to me, “well we just keep our heads down and get on with our business, and admit when we make a mistake and try and give our customers the best possible service.” Yes – that’s why they voted for you!

  • Best of the West Shore 2015 Awards Categories
    • Best Aesthetics, Best Automotive Service, Best Beach, Best Bicycle Shop, Best for Breakfast, Best Business, Best Business Owner, Best Coffee Chain, Best Contractor, Best Ethnic Cuisine, Best Financial Services, Best Fishing Spot, Best Free Fun, Best Flower/Garden ShopBest Grocery Store, Best Hair Salon, Best Hiking Trail, Best Historic Site, Best Holistic Medicine, Best Independent Coffee Shop, Best Insurance, Best Legal Services, Best Martial Arts, Best New Business, Best New Home Builder / Developer Best Pet Clinic, Best place for a Summer Swim, Best Place to Improve Your Body, Best Golf Club, Best Place to Improve Your Smile, Best Place to Take a Selfie, Best Place to Walk Your Dog, Best Pub, Best Restaurant, Best Retailer, Best Second Hand Shopping, Best Spa, Favourite Local Sports Team, Best Storage, Best U-Brew, Best Business to Furnish Your Home

 - Julie Lawlor is the Executive Director at the WestShore Chamber of Commerce.  You can reach her at 250-478-1130 or