It’s Sooke’s Time to Thrive!

December 21, 2015

SOOKE – For a select few, change is easier than keeping the status quo. For most, change can be unnerving, challenging, overwhelming and just downright scary. If we are the ones making the change we worry we might be making the wrong choice or that we won’t have what it takes to make it a successful shift. If the change is foisted upon us, we can feel a loss of control and possibly a sense of inadequacy if we believe we are being replaced.

That’s why change can be hard; for individuals, departments, organizations, and even communities and towns. However change happens whether we like it or not. So you have a choice: own it or be its victim.

Owning change does not mean abandoning the current course and making a sea change, although at times this may be warranted. To own change is to be in reality about the given situation and to guide the outcome with intention.

As the 2016 President of the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce, I intend to make several changes over the next 12 months that I hope will have beneficial economic and cultural impacts to the Sooke business community and our town as a whole. Past Presidents and Boards of Directors have laid the groundwork for our organization to be an agent of change.

In terms of fulfilling our most valuable roles, that of being a supportive resource for local businesses to achieve greater success and facilitating new economic development opportunities, I am now in the advantageous position of being able to focus on creating tangible value. The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce is akin to a climber who has forged his way up the mountain and is now approaching the summit where the view is spectacular. With our solid foundation in place, it is now time to put our latest plans into action.

From where I’m sitting the view of Sooke and its potential is spectacular. This town is full of history, culture, character and caring residents. I believe we have the means to become the best and biggest little town this end of the Island. We, as the Chamber, will effect the necessary changes by connecting with our members to find out what their needs are and then meeting them.

We will create new opportunities such as festivals and large-scale promotions to showcase Sooke to the rest of the world. We will engage our community in our Better Buy Sooke program by actually making it better to buy local. And we will advocate on behalf of our non-profits, our businesses and our community as a whole to receive services and infrastructure that is needed to support our quickly growing and changing town. It is time for the Chamber to inspire our business community to own the changes it needs to make in order for our town to thrive.

– Kerry Cavers, 2016 Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce President

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