Islander Engineering Pack Talent And Experience Into Dynamic Victoria Firm

January 21, 2021

A Skilled And Tight-Knit Team Carve A Place Amongst Engineering Giants Under Strong Leadership Duo

Mike Acthem (left) and partner Josh Bartley founded Islander Engineering in Victoria in 2016, assembling a tight-knit team of highly-skilled employees and subcontractors

VICTORIAIslander Engineering was born into a competitive landscape, a small start-up in the midst of large, established engineering firms already dominating a sophisticated Victoria development community. Still, partners Mike Achtem (P.Eng, PMP, CCA) and Josh Bartley, (P.Eng) have leveraged their technical expertise and open, honest approach to business to turn Islander Engineering into a prosperous, agile competitor in the market.

Senior Project Engineer Josh Bartley, P.Eng reviewing specs at the Colwood Corners commercial development in Colwood, BC

Specializing in civil and environmental engineering, Mike and Josh joined forces to bring their local experience, knowledge and existing relationships together to form Islander Engineering in 2016. Mike, a registered Professional Engineer and Queens University graduate is an expert at consulting on land development and municipal infrastructure projects, as well as a certified Project Management Professional and Contract Administrator with the Master Municipal Construction Association.

“I previously was with Focus Corp. (WSP) Engineering Group, and opened their engineering offices in Victoria in 1996. After ten years, Focus was the leader in professional engineering on Southern Vancouver Island. When they sold, I left to create my own small engineering start-up before eventually opening Islander with Josh in 2016,” Mike explains.

Co-owner Josh Bartley trained as an engineer at the University of British Columbia (UBC), with a degree in Civil Engineering and a Civil Engineering Technology Diploma, Josh has nearly twenty years of experience in the civil and environmental engineering and construction fields.

From environmental remediation specialists, hazmat surveyors, civil engineering technologists and more, Islander Engineering employs experts in their fields for every project

Together, they have assembled a tight-knit team of highly-skilled employees and subcontractors around a modern, supportive work environment, including flexible four-day workweeks, team building events and more.

Says Josh, “We offer a multi-layered service of turnkey solutions for our clients. A successful project balances the financial gains of stakeholders with environmental and socio-economic impacts. With our knowledge, Islander Engineering is able to offer a broad range of services and recommendations to our clients, providing a distinct advantage and demonstrable value to their projects early on.”

Islander Engineering’s focus on client support and management is a cornerstone of their relationship building. Every project includes a dedicated client contact and experienced senior manager, allowing junior staff opportunities to learn and be mentored, while meeting and often exceeding client expectations.

From land development, municipal infrastructure design, site planning and 3D conceptual site design, to environmental assessments, construction monitoring and hydrogeology, the Islander Engineering team brings a multitude of skillsets to the table. Led by professional Engineers and Geoscientists, the team includes AutoCAD and ArcGIS experts, environmental remediation specialists, hazmat surveyors, community development advisors, civil engineering technologists, environmental fluid mechanics specialists and more to create a strong foundation of knowledge and practical skill to every project Islander Engineering undertakes.

The Islander Engineering team near completion of a complex civil project on 12.5 acres of retail commercial and multi-family residential development for Onni Group

They have continued to provide their high level of service in spite of the pandemic, and as a member of the economic community, have found ways to support BC companies with less fortunate business lines, including foregoing the application for emergency grants to ensure companies hit hardest by the fallout of COVID-19 can better solidify their financial positions.

Through these current hardships, Mike has taken pride in the resilience of his team, and feels confident Islander remains in an exciting growth phase.

“Despite our revenues decreasing since the pandemic, we have managed to keep all employees and Contractors employed, and we are optimistic for 2021.”

Islander Engineering is ready to take on your next project today.




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