Island Pro Shares Top Tips On Bathroom Renos

April 23, 2021


Cornerstone provides professional installs for their statement-making bathroom tiles

NANAIMOBathrooms are arguably the most important room in the house.

Consider that the average person spends almost 200 hours in their bathroom a year, and up to 60 of those in the shower, it’s a process you want to get right the first time.

As a homeowner, one of the most important renovation decisions you can make for both the value of your home, and improving its usability is to invest in your bathroom.

Knowing what kind of tile to use, and what to avoid is a critical part of making the reno a big hit.

Luckily, Dave Lee, General Manager of Nanaimo’s Cornerstone Tile has some tips and suggestions.

Many porcelain tiles are designed to mimic natural stone without the natural stone drawbacks

“First, natural stone isn’t a great choice, for showers in particular.” He explains. “It’s porous, needs to be sealed, and that sealant doesn’t last forever. It’s hard to maintain.

“White marble is a popular look right now, but the natural stone version stains easily. There are better options that look great, and will maintain their quality over the years.”

Those at the flooring stage of a bathroom renovation need to look for tiling that is:

  • Non-porous;
  • Stain-resistant; and
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

For that, Dave has some thoughts.

Cornerstone Tile stocks large panel tiles, perfect for eye-catching, low-maintenance shower installations

“Larger format porcelain tiles are really great quality. At Cornerstone you have access to tile panels that are over 8 feet high.

“They’re easy to clean, and because they’re bigger they have fewer grout joints. Grout is the most maintenance-heavy material in a shower.”

Dave further recommends non-slip porcelain tiles for a shower base for safety reasons. This variety of tile is tested to meet a minimum slip rating to be approved for wet areas.

“Porcelain tiles are our most popular material option and the majority of what we sell. We have many sizes and styles available to suit our customer tastes,” notes Dave.”

Some of Cornerstone’s most popular in-store selections include classic white subway tiles, Carrara white marble-look porcelain tiles in large format, hexagon and Arabesque mosaics, elongated hex pickets and grey tones in natural stone, wood, or concrete looks.

Concludes Dave, “Cornerstone has a large selection of internationally sourced tile to choose from. We ensure our customers go home with exactly what they’re looking for. And of course, we’ll happily install their tile for them.”

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