Innovation and Service Drive Duncan Based Galcon Precast Ltd.

May 9, 2022

Precast Company In Its 50th Year In The Industry

Galcon Precast Ltd. delivery vehicle

DUNCAN – Precast companies have come and gone on Vancouver Island, but Galcon Precast Ltd. remains a major player in its 50th year in the industry, thanks to a focus on service and innovation.

“We are a growing company focused on great service,” states General Manager Ernie Galavan, which recently rebranded from Dan’s Precast. “We are constantly adding new products to help Vancouver Island and keep the products that are used on Vancouver Island, built on Vancouver Island.”

Septic tanks have been and still are the ‘bread and butter’ product for the company, which manufactures a wide variety of products for customers.

Ernie Galavan, General Manager of Galcon Precast Ltd

“We carry a full line of capacities and are not limited by anything when it comes to size or customization,” states Galavan. “I believe the key to the success of our tank sales is the fact that we provide a great service from building the tanks efficiently to delivering the tanks to sites most companies will not.

“Another key factor is that we care. We stand by our products and work to make sure that our customers projects are successful. Their success is our success and we strive every day to make sure that is what we provide.”

Pole bases have also been a successful product since Galcon launched full production of new forms in 2018.

“Many people comment ‘I saw your bases’ on the side of the road or highway somewhere,” he notes. “Our base department stays very busy and the crew is always setting new records for bases poured in a day.

Galcon Precast Ltd. products are in high demand in the marketplace

We are willing to try new things and challenge ourselves. I really don’t like being told I can’t do something.”

Several years ago, Galcon had the opportunity to build some structures for the Victoria Airport’s Apron Expansion Project, which was above and beyond the company’s usual comfort zone.

“I was very interested in providing the products as an alternative to cast-in-place, and with the help of some very committed and talented staff, we completed the project producing and installing four large precast catch basins with weight ratings capable of supporting a 777 Jumbo Jet. “

An inside view of a Galcon Precast Ltd. product

Galavan started with the company in 2004 as a labourer building septic tanks on a part-time basis while in high school, becoming full time after high school. His father, Neil, worked for the company for 35 years and bought it in 2007.

Neil taught him that if he wanted to run the operation one day, he’d have to do be able to do everything. He has his Class 1 and Level A crane ticket, and his wife, Cassie, and he are buying shares in the company with an eye towards owning it in the years to come.

“We are a family run business with members filling key roles,” he states, noting that Neil and Ernie can be found working around the 6100 Scott Road property on weekends as needed. “We have a wonderful staff that is very committed to us, and many have been with us for many years and continue to show us that we have the ability to do anything.”

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