Inaugural ‘Order of the Bear’ Goes to Colwood

December 8, 2016

COLWOOD – The City of Colwood’s Mayor and Council received the very first “Order of the Bear” from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), in recognition of their decision to create a permanent business licensing system.

Starting in 2017, Colwood’s entrepreneurs will no longer have to pay a fee to license their business, but will simply need to complete a quick and easy online renewal each year to keep their business in good standing. New businesses will pay a one-time fee when they first apply, and, once approved will receive their perpetual license.

“This is exactly the type of action governments can take to help reduce the burden of red tape on small businesses,” said Laura Jones, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer. “Red tape, no matter how big or small, is destructive to our economy, our communities and to entrepreneurs, so when action is taken, it deserves recognition.

The Order of the Bear was created by CFIB to say “thank you” to government officials at all levels that support small business by cutting red tape. Inductees are groups or individuals who are taking action to support small business by doing things such as reducing paperwork and wait times, putting things in plain language, and getting rid of unnecessary requirements.

Recipients of the Order of the Bear will receive a Bravo in the form of a bear and a certificate. Bravo the Bear is the front facing champion for those reducing red tape. Small Biz Bravo is the product of a BC Small Business called Warm Buddy and the owner Karen is happy her bears are being used as good news bears.

“Although the thank you in the form of receiving a stuffed toy bear is cute enough to make people smile, its intention is very serious,” said Jones. “If these little bears can help raise awareness about how important it is to support small business by keeping government rules and attitudes around administering those rules simple and more reasonable, our country will be much better for it.”

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