Helping People in Pain Propels Equilibrium Clinics

April 28, 2022

Victoria Company Named Health Care Business of the Year In BE Awards

Equilibrium Clinics owner Brenda Beattie receives the Award for Health Care Business of the Year from Category Sponsor Tyler Hoffman of OnPoint Benefits

VICTORIAEquilibrium Therapy was born out of a desire to help people in pain and to provide an exceptional experience to patients.

The company’s performance and growth during the Covid-19 pandemic helped it earn the Health Care Business of the Year category at the Grant Thornton LLP Vancouver Island Business Excellence Awards in March at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort.

“It was very rewarding to be a finalist and to take a moment to reflect on and enjoy our hard work. It was humbling to realize the judges felt the same among so many other amazing companies.” says owner Brenda Beattie.  “I feel very proud to be an award winning company and to be able to celebrate. We are so grateful for the award and the recognition for our team.

“Our practitioners and support staff care so much and work very hard helping people to get better from injuries or other challenges. We hadn’t had our full leadership team together for an in person event for quite some time, and it was really nice to be able to attend the Awards Ceremony and to celebrate the wonderful work that our whole team does.”

Beattie notes that the company has shown the ability to thrive and grow in challenging time, adapting and providing assistance to the community as patients navigated different stressors.

“Stress is insidious, affecting many aspects of life,” Beattie states. “Our team is ready and waiting to provide a helping hand to anyone that is in need of help with physical challenges and emotional stress, as well as maintaining health and wellness.”

Equilibrium Therapy’s office at Tillicum in Victoria

Equilibrium Therapy started out with two Registered Massage Therapists and one downtown location in 2006, and it is now a group of three multi-disciplinary health clinics with additional locations in Saanich on Tillicum Road, and in View Royal at Eagle Creek Village near Victoria General Hospital.

The company now has over 70 practitioners and support staff, which has grown over 15 percent since the beginning of 2020. The team is committed to helping patients recover and maintain their physical health through physiotherapy, chiropractic, registered massage therapy, acupuncture and kinesiology.

Beattie notes the company was fortunate to be able to weather the Covid lockdown closures and maintain overall revenues.

“Upon re-opening, we have had strong growth due to our ability to attract quality practitioners and staff so that we can meet the demand of the Greater Victoria community,” she states. “Equilibrium focused on strengthening our team and has adapted to the challenging and stressful times that Covid has brought.”

When Equilibrium expanded with their second and third offices, Beattie explained they wanted to be able to help more people by providing multiple disciplines in one location. Going forward, all of their clinics will be able to provide a wide range of services needed to rehabilitate, improve function and maintain health.”

Equilibrium has remained committed to proceed with caution while Covid restrictions have loosened.

“Our regulatory colleges continue to recommend the wearing of masks in spaces where physical distancing isn’t possible, and with the nature of one on one hands on treatments it’s impossible to physically distance,” Beattie says. “We also want to protect the vulnerable populations that come to our clinic that may be unable to receive a vaccination, or are immune compromised.”





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