NANAIMO – Harmac Pacific has announced they’ve doubled their production to produce pulp to make medical gowns and masks.

Harmac has been producing a specific paper pulp that is used in the manufacturing of disposable surgical masks, gowns and other medical products. The announcement is good news for everyone in the community, including staff.

Harmac had their long time U.S. customer double their usual order due to the lack of available products with the COVID-19 challenges.

Harmac President Levi Sampson’s, recent comments to Black Press indicate the company is doing everything they can to meet the current demand.

The K10S pulp used for the medical supplies is made from western red cedar, as it produces a softer fibre for products like the gowns and masks. The formula has been perfected over the years, making it suitable for these particular medical products and is unique to Harmac Pacific. Harmac is the only mill producing it according to Sampson.

The 320 employees continue to work, taking the necessary precautions, to produce the much needed pulp. Their western red cedar chips are currently in ample supply, although they continue to look for new sources since the forest industry had already suffered prior to the COVID crisis.

According the Sampson, the products will make their way back to Canada to restock supplies for medical staff members who use them.