Fastrac Print & Mail Offers One-Stop Direct Marketing Service

February 26, 2019

VICTORIA/NANAIMO – Thanks to its unique blend of digital print and strategic marketing services, Fastrac Print & Mail is helping businesses gain customers and profits with Direct Mail.

Established by Print and Direct Mail specialist Greg Hawes, Fastrac offers a comprehensive Direct Mail service, including strategy and planning, list and data management, creative and artwork production, printing and personalization, enclosing, and mailing.

Additionally, the company offers supporting digital marketing services, often combining physical and digital components to maximize campaign reach and results.

Hawes is joined by Martin Hubbard, Strategy & Planning, with over 26 years of experience in Direct Marketing, working with major companies in the UK and Europe. Hubbard’s previous clients include British Telecom, Time Life Books, Fortune Magazine, Glenlivet Whisky and Black & Decker, together with well-known brands in the Banking and Insurance sectors, and more.

“Because of my career background, we are in a place where we can help clients better understand how to implement Direct Marketing, or improve their existing efforts,” he says. “We bring a very down to earth view into our process. We plan carefully and work collaboratively. In the end, you will know exactly how much business our work has generated, and where it could lead you.”

The Fastrac team work with an experienced network of Creative Design and Copywriting professionals to deliver a complete service for their customers. According to Hubbard, effective use of Direct Mail campaigns is one of the best ways for many companies to reach and interest new customers.

“Marketing is in the midst of some major changes right now,” says Hubbard. “There’s been an awful lot of digital overload for people, and Direct Mail can be an extremely effective alternative or addition.

“When someone receives properly targeted Direct Mail, they get a different, tactile, engaging and personalized experience that is delivered in context with their needs and circumstances. Studies prove that a client is far more likely to read a targeted piece of Direct Mail, as opposed to an online ad or an email. Canada Post research reveals that Direct Mail gets a huge open rate of around 80 per cent.”

One of Fastrac’s most precise Direct Mail programs is called MicroMail. Printing with digital presses and using variable text, they can personalize each individual piece of mail to provide increased relevance and impact.

“As an example, If you owned an auto repair shop, you could even include a picture of the customer’s type of car on their letter, and then when personalizing the text,” continues Hubbard. “You could tell your customer, ‘we don’t just maintain cars. We are specifically experienced in maintaining (Customer’s Car type) like yours.”

Fastrac uses cutting edge market research to help clients acquire the most effective mailing lists possible, enabling them to test and uncover new business outside their existing customer base. Fastrac is also a fully accredited Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner.

Fastrac offers a free consultation to help companies identify opportunities and efficient strategies to realize them. To find out more, contact Martin at 250-882-2765 or

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