Fall Marketing Campaign To Build On Momentum From Summer

October 22, 2021

Paul Nursey


VICTORIA – The August 2021 Greater Victoria visitor economy statistics were released recently. They reveal what many in the industry were observing: Visitation to Greater Victoria in the summer was robust and driven largely by Canadians. For example, hotel occupancy was almost 76 per cent. In August 2020, hotel occupancy was 51 per cent. Average daily room rate in August 2021 was $265.93. In August 2020 it was $183.11. The Greater Victoria accommodation sector has shown tremendous resilience and leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It is gratifying to see these summer numbers following so many difficult months.

As uplifting as this news was for our battered industry, there remain persistent challenges. Access to American and international markets remain difficult. This has created an uneven recovery, as attractions, experiences and some transportation operators that rely more on these customers continue to struggle. A focus of Destination Greater Victoria in the months ahead will be to support these valued members and advocate on their behalf.

Despite the challenges, Destination Greater Victoria will build on momentum from the summer and is proud to announce the launch of our 2021 fall marketing campaign. The campaign launched on Friday, October 15 and targets travellers in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. It will encourage travellers to enjoy Just Another Perfect Day in Victoria.

Destination Greater Victoria will use marketing methods such as paid advertising, paid and earned social media, pay-per-click advertising, and dedicated blog content.

Greater Victoria has always had strong shoulder season and off-peak season attributes. Boasting Canada’s mildest climate, Greater Victoria’s coastal charm remains accessible while much of Canada enters winter. Visitors can enjoy all our great attractions and sights, without the crowds of summer.

A 15-second television commercial will run on Bell Media networks in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. The tagline of the video “Just Another Perfect Day in Victoria” emphasizes the guests’ ability to make the most out of their trip, explore the region and enjoy the mild climate. Pay-per-click display and discovery ads will feature the tagline “One More ____” (I.E. “One More Bite, One More Night”). The concept of “One More” encourages guests to leave no stone unturned during their visit to Greater Victoria and to go out and enjoy another meal, another activity, another day, and another night.

We look forward to welcoming visitors as fall continues. Our industry is ready to provide unforgettable experiences no matter what you are looking for – and throughout the year.

Paul Nursey is the President and CEO of Destination Greater Victoria



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