Published On: Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Exciting Line-Up for Hoyne Brewing

Exciting Line-Up for Hoyne Brewing

VICTORIA - Hoyne Brewing Co. is aging well.

Brew Master Sean Hoyne started Hoyne Brewing Co. in 2011, having worked in a variety of breweries since 1989.

“We seem to be enjoying a very healthy growth rate,” says Hoyne. “We grew by about 26 per cent last year, and are in the process of expanding our operations.

“We’re building a bottling facility that’s will enable us to put our beer into 12 ounce bottles. We’ll be able to produce six packs, and eventually 12 packs. Within a year, we also hope to be launching a line-up of canned beers.”

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Hoyne is excited about their new products.

“We have come out with a new stout, called Finnegans Irish Stout,” he says.

The stout is named after Finnegans Wake, a novel by Irish author James Joyce, and includes a portrait of Joyce on the label.

“One of our beers that is growing very quickly is our new IPA, called Alpha Acid IPA,” says Hoyne. “Alpha acids are one of the components in hops, they provide some of that beautiful hop character you get in an IPA. Alpha Acid has the tropical fruit/citrusy aroma that people seem to be loving these days.”

Hoyne Brewing Co. has also just launched this years batch of Entre Nous (French for “Between Us”), which is their brand of Belgian Cherry Witbier, using organic cherries from the Okanagan.

“We’re also really excited about our Young Lions series,” says Hoyne. “This series showcases beers designed and brewed by our younger brewers.

“It was my great fortune to have learned my craft under Frank Appleton, who pioneered BC’s craft beer industry. It is now my honour to be able to pass this knowledge on to the next generation of brewers. The Young Lions series gives them a chance to shine.”

“It’s been a remarkable success,” says Hoyne. “Right now, we’re showcasing a Belgian White IPA called Carte Blanche, which was created by four of our young brewers.”

When Hoyne Brewing isn’t making beer, it is giving back to their community.

“We support an enormous number of charities, community events, and causes,” says Hoyne. “Each month, we choose a new charity to support. This month, we’re supporting Vancouver-based Atira, which supports women in need, giving them a helping hand to find housing and other necessities.

“We’re donating 50 cents from every bottle of Summer Haze Honey Wheat Beer Sales from across the province. Last year, we raised about $7,500, and this year, our goal is $10,000.”