Exact Detailing Ltd.: Being Precise Is Their Business

May 3, 2022

Examples of projects that Exact Detailing Ltd.’s team works on

VICTORIAExact Detailing Ltd.’s founder and construction industry veteran, Jeff Arnott, started Exact in 2008 in Victoria.

Since then, the company has grown across North America expanding to 5 offices, employing a team of 125 domestic employees. An early adopter of Tekla products, Jeff’s decision to use Tekla programs stems from the software’s advanced modeling capabilities and 3-D design tools which, much like Exact, are at the leading edge of the steel industry.

Today, Exact Detailing builds out designs and plans from engineers and designers to provide fabricators and erectors the in-depth drawings and instructions they need to build, install, and erect steel and timber structures efficiently.

This is just the beginning. Exact is offering its widest range of services yet, providing clients with steel detailing, BIM support, 3D scanning, concrete, and timber services. Their customer-focused services are provided from its offices in Victoria, Nanaimo, Surrey, Edmonton, Moncton, and New Brunswick. Due to their large domestic team, they can respond rapidly to the dynamic needs of the construction business.

Exact Detailing provides comprehensive drawings and models showing how to cut and weld steel structures, as well as the detailed installation and erection instructions required to erect the structure. They have become the vital information hub on which the success or failure of a construction project depends.

More examples of projects 

Services include estimates and estimation models, assembly drawings and erection plans, advance bill of materials, anchor and embed layouts with templates, pre-detailing and design, connection drawings and building information modeling (BIM). They also offer project coordination and management, and automated RFI tracking software, which has been developed in-house.

“To achieve our goal of providing end-to-end high-quality services, Exact is taking a proactive approach to our development, researching new equipment and software to support the ever-growing needs of our clients and empower our team to produce the best possible product,” says Arnott.

This has led to investing in technology ranging from equipment and software to facilitate remote work to 3D scanning and surveying equipment. Optimizing remote teamwork – they increased Tekla licenses making it easy for them to scale any project team to perform tasks on tight schedules.

The addition of their Trimble X7 Scanner and HoloLens 2 brings cutting-edge scanning technology to its range of service offerings, and Jeff believe, “scanning has revolutionized the construction industry and has proven to be a cost efficient and time-saving tool through the full life cycle of a project.”

More examples of projects 

These same tools also enable their customers to have an in-depth view into the projects and deeper integration and understanding on the project status.

The next-level 3D scanning equipment allows team members to use lasers to create tiny points inside the building on-site, then import the information into Tekla and Trimble for a precise analysis of a building. From there, this technology can conduct anchor bolt and embed location scans, beam camber and deflection analysis, elevator shaft and wall verticality analysis, scan to BIM and point cloud modelling, measure floor flatness for inspection and reporting, and stairway, ramp, and wet concrete analysis.

Pairing scans with modelled assemblies’ contractors can then utilize the HoloLens 2 mixed-reality functions for clash detection and planning – harmonizing the multiple arms of the production process.

To harmonize the multiple arms of the production process, Exact utilizes an advance set of detailing programs, Tekla, and Trimble, enabling our team to assist manufactures, contractors, and governments to manage work on a spectrum of projects from standard to complex, to one-of-a-kind structures in commercial, industrial, resource, transportation, and recreation sectors as well as residential.

Continuing to make services accessible and affordable to more and more disciplines, ultimately accelerates the construction planning process, says Jeff, who adds: “Steel detailing, timber, concrete, and rebar already exist independently. But when combined using our BIM services, they become even more powerful – that is the future we want.”



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