Every Visitor Counts

October 3, 2023
Paul Nursey


VICTORIA – The pandemic brought the global tourism sector to a screeching halt, leaving businesses reeling and uncertainty looming over the future. Now, with the pandemic behind us, we acknowledge that the journey to recovery and embracing the “new normal” comes with its own set of obstacles. The landscape of the visitor economy has shifted, and consumer behaviours have evolved. For example, some public workers have not returned to their physical offices, and so tourism and the visitor economy is filling in the gap, contributing more in the short to medium term to keep small businesses supported and vital. As a destination marketing and management organization, it is our responsibility to adapt and support our community as we chart this new course together.

This is the backdrop against which we proudly present our upcoming video series, “Every Visitor Counts”. Now through mid-October, you’ll see the series airing on CHEK TV.

“Every Visitor Counts” showcases the stories of some of our member businesses that have weathered the storm and emerged stronger. They include a boutique hotel, a long-standing downtown restaurant, an outdoor adventure attraction, a Saanich peninsula cidery, a well-known facility that supports health, wellness and sporting events, as well as a tour operator that has served visitors to the region for 120 years. Through these narratives, we not only celebrate the courage and perseverance of businesses and organizations in our community but also underscore the vital role Destination Greater Victoria (DGV) plays in supporting them. Our commitment to fostering an environment of growth and collaboration has never wavered. From strategic marketing campaigns that attract visitors to comprehensive support systems that offer guidance and resources, DGV has been a pillar of strength for our region’s economic revival.

The new normal may present its own set of challenges as local businesses and tourism operators rebuild. But it’s about more than the numbers. Each leisure visitor, each cruise passenger, each business traveller, each customer is important to the survival of local businesses and organizations, and that visitor traffic helps to sustain the places locals enjoy and keep our region vibrant.

Stay tuned for “Every Visitor Counts” this fall. These tales of adaptation and resilience are an inspiration not only to our fellow entrepreneurs but to our entire community. Because in our story, every visitor truly does count.

Paul Nursey is the President and CEO of Destination Greater Victoria

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