Echosec Systems Partners With The Innocent Lives Foundation To Combat Child Exploitation

June 23, 2020

VICTORIA – Echosec Systems Ltd. has partnered with the Innocent Lives Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to unmask anonymous online child predators and help bring them to justice.

The Innocent Lives Foundation was founded by Chris Hadnagy, a leader in the information security community. Hadnagy’s team of volunteers creates and works with data collection tools to reveal child predator identities.

The Innocent Lives Foundation uses open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and works closely with law enforcement to support active investigations against child predators.

As schools and businesses shut down and citizens worldwide are urged to stay home during COVID-19, online child predator activity and exploitation of minors have seen a dramatic increase.

The Innocent Lives Foundation is now leveraging The Echosec Systems Platform to improve the scope and efficiency of child exploitation investigations. The Platform helps organizations collect and filter data from a multitude of sources, from mainstream and less-regulated social media sites to deep and dark web discussion boards, paste sites, and marketplaces.

These sources often host active child predators and contain other threat indicators valuable to investigations. With Echosec Systems, investigators can easily aggregate relevant content and cross-reference suspect profiles and other data points. This allows for faster response and more comprehensive forensics for The Foundation to take to law enforcement.

Renee Bush, a Sales Representative with Echosec Systems

Speed to information is especially critical in matters of child exploitation, where victims’ lives are at stake.

“Every second a child is in an abusive or unsafe situation is too long,” said Renee Bush, a Sales Representative with Echosec Systems. “We are gratified and humbled to support this important cause.”

The Innocent Lives Foundation is 100 per cent donor-funded and predominantly run by volunteers.

The cost of tools, resources, and manpower to produce a single file to law enforcement ranges between $7,500 to upwards of $10,000. To support the Innocent Lives Foundation, visit:




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