Compass Electric Wired Right

March 31, 2021

The Compass Electric team with their service fleet

VICTORIACompass Electric was founded in 2011. Director Brian Banner, a hands-on leader, worked with a small crew of electricians over the first three years, steadily building the business, pursuing the break that would take Compass to the next level. In 2013, he got it.

“Our first large project was the BC Ambulance Dispatch Facility in Langford,” says Brian. “Our professional workmanship on that project really set the stage for Compass. From there, we were contracted to provide electrical systems for numerous other warehouses, multi-unit residential buildings, and residential subdivisions. It put us on the map in a really competitive space.”

Today, Compass Electric employs sixty-two electricians, apprentices, and office staff, whose collective goal is pushing Compass to stand out amongst their industry peers in BC. It’s an endeavor they do not take lightly.

The BC Ambulance Dispatch Facility in Langford, the first major project Compass Electric took on in 2013

“We take our relationships seriously, with an emphasis on fairness and transparency with customers and suppliers on every project,” Brian explains. “We have a very diverse stable of electricians, and our well-rounded project management team has over seventy-five years of experience combined. We also encourage constant learning and innovation in our team. The better we are at our job and the more we know, the better we’ll serve our valued customers.”

Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Compass Electric is looking forward to continued growth and expansion in the near future and has added to its repertoire of services and products to meet that goal. Their dedication to building on their already strong foundation to benefit current and future customers is yet one more reason Compass has become a go-to for customers in Victoria and the surrounding areas.

With continued business development plans in the works and numerous upcoming projects on its calendar, Compass Electric anticipates growing its clientele, ensuring many more productive years ahead.

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