Carmanah Introduces LED Rural Traffic Sign Products

October 10, 2023

VICTORIACarmanah Technologies has expanded into the rural traffic market with a new line of LED solar lighting units.

Carmanah’s MX Series Chevron Signs are designed to increase sign viewing at curves and come with multiple operating modes, including dusk-to-dawn and radar-activated units. The launch aligns with the company’s commitment to enhancing pedestrian and driver safety.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new chevron signs to the market, especially as our first product offering geared specifically to rural areas,” says Aaron Lockwood, Carmanah’s Director of Business Development. “In combining our solar expertise with LED signs, plus the added benefits of remote connectivity, we are offering agencies an innovative solution for improving safety, as well as operational efficiency.”

Being part of the MX Series of products means the signs come equipped with embedded remote connectivity, giving agencies the ability to monitor and manage dispersed assets from afar. Text and email alerts can be configured based on customizable parameters so that agencies are notified when a system requires attention—or confirm that they’re working as expected.

Key features of Carmanah’s MX Series chevron signs include Ultra-bright LEDs that exceed industry requirements, Remote asset management with GPS map view, Actionable email and text alerts, Built-in knockdown sensor, and a mobile app for quick system setup and local access.

They also come with three years of free connectivity and remote system access, and a Solar Power Report will be prepared for every location.

Carmanah has been designing and manufacturing compliant solar and AC powered systems for pedestrian and driver safety for more than 20 years.

Business Examiner Staff

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