Capital Regional District Announces Elections of Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs

November 10, 2023

Saanich Councillor Colin Plant has been re-elected as the CRD Board Chair

VICTORIA – At the board meetings of the Capital Regional District (CRD), the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) and the Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC), Directors elected the Chairs and Vice-Chairs for the upcoming year.

Saanich Councillor Colin Plant has been re-elected as the CRD Board Chair for the sixth consecutive year, and Metchosin Mayor Marie-Térèse Little has been acclaimed as the CRD Board Vice-Chair for the first time.

“In our first year, we unanimously passed our Board Strategic Priorities and we recently passed our 2024 Provisional Budget. I believe we need to remain committed to achieving our goals as prescribed and I pledge to help us achieve them,” said Chair Plant in his candidacy remarks. “I want to ensure that the progress we made isn’t just sustained but accelerated as we move into year two.”

The CRD Board Chair leads a 24-member Board of Directors comprised of one or more elected officials from each of the 13 municipalities and three electoral areas within the CRD’s boundaries. In accordance with provincial legislation, representation on the CRD Board balances varying population bases with shared community interests. Each local government receives one director for every 25,000 population and receives one vote for every 5,000 population for matters requiring a weighted vote such as financial plans. The chair establishes standing committees, formalizes committee structures, and appoints committee chairs and vice-chairs as part of its governance structure.

Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch has been acclaimed to serve as the CRHD Board Chair for a second year and Sidney Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith has been acclaimed as the CRHD Board Acting Chair for the second year. The CRHD, a corporation of the CRD, is committed to improving and sustaining the region’s health infrastructure through its partnership with Island Health.

Saanich Councillor Zac de Vries has been acclaimed to serve as the CRHC Board Chair for a second year and Victoria Councillor Jeremy Caradonna has been acclaimed as the CRHC Board Vice-Chair for the first time. The CRHC is a wholly-owned, non-profit corporation of the CRD, developing and managing affordable housing for low income families, seniors and persons living with disabilities across the region.

The CRD, CRHD and CRHC Boards combine to lead decision-making on regional priorities and initiatives and provide oversight on a wide range of regional, sub-regional and local services. The CRD Board Priorities were developed at the start of the Board term and formed the basis of the CRD’s 2023-2026 Corporate Plan. The CRD’s Corporate Plan outlines actions to deliver on the CRD Board’s Priorities, approved plans and ongoing service commitments.

The CRD has more than 70 commissions and committees that oversee operations, some of which have delegated authority. This work involves many citizens who volunteer their services in the Southern Gulf Islands, Salt Spring Island and Juan de Fuca electoral areas.

The capital region spans the Territories of approximately 20 First Nations and the CRD is committed to respectfully and appropriately engaging those First Nations communities in regional strategies, decision-making and shared interests.

For the complete list of Board Directors, please visit:

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