Burley Cleaning Expands Services to Nanaimo

April 26, 2023

Moving Company Adds Cleaning Services to Arsenal         

Ashley Burley, Owner, Burley Cleaning

VICTORIA – There are few BC brands more recognizable than 2 Burley Men Moving Ltd., the Victoria-based company that has experienced generous success in the Canadian market. Moving services are undoubtedly in high demand as rents increase across the country and people are frequently coming and going.

That’s how Ashley Burley, Owner at Burley Cleaning, realized that offering cleaning as well as moving services was a no brainer as the two actions go hand-in-hand. Fast forward six years later and Burley runs the Burley Cleaning brand on her own with a full-time staff.

“Before I started this, I was working as a registered nurse. My husband owns 2 Burley Men Moving and we figured that a cleaning division would be a good add on business with moving services, so I decided to take the jump,” said Burley.

Burley Cleaning operates out of the 2 Burley Men office space in Victoria, BC, and is available for all types of cleaning jobs. The company has gone through numerous ups and downs, the majority of which were due to COVID-19 and the changing restrictions that stunted some of their offerings. “When COVID-19  hit, residential clients largely disappeared because they couldn’t have people in their space and we had to shift from residential to commercial cleaning,” said Burley. “We were able to make it through those periods and be successful due to our versatility, being flexible and adopting new skills – now we are ready for any challenge.”

Burley offers any type of cleaning service – commercial, construction, move in and move out

The company has announced that on May 1, Burley Cleaning will be opening a new location in Nanaimo to better service the greater Vancouver Island area. The office will be located in the 2 Burley Men Moving location on fifth street in downtown Nanaimo and will take on a wide range of cleaning projects.

“We are very excited to continue to offer our services to the wider Vancouver Island area,” said Burley. “We will try to have a focus on residential cleaning, but we are available for just about any cleaning service – commercial, construction, move in and move out – whatever your cleaning needs, we are happy to help.” https://burleycleaning.ca


By Tyler Nyquvest

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