Best Seaweed Skincare Brand 2023 – North America & North American Clean Beauty Industry Leaders of the Year 2023

June 30, 2023

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VICTORIASeaflora Skincare stands out as being a kind and respectful company dedicated to promoting social responsibility and sustainability. In a world where only too often, products are mass-produced using synthetic ingredients, and packaged in non-recyclable plastics, Seaflora’s approach is commendable and much valued. Based on Vancouver Island, Seaflora is a small, family business known for using wild harvested organic seaweed as the primary ingredient of its product range. The award-winning company has also earned a place on the shelves of leading spas across North America, who trust its products to fulfil clients’ needs.

Seaflora products are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial perfumes, and other harmful chemicals commonly found in skincare products. Cruelty free and vegan, Seaflora’s high quality products never feature water as the primary ingredient, and they are an excellent choice for consumers who both want and deserve to have ethical skincare. Seaflora uses sustainable glass and biodegradable packaging. In addition, a portion of every purchase Seaflora achieves is donated to local charities supporting environmental causes.

The goal of Seaflora is to promote healthy skin whilst also protecting the environment. It does this through the responsible harvesting of its three natural ingredients: seaweed, sea mud, and sea salts. The company is led by married entrepreneurs Adam Butcher and Chantelle Line, who have been at the helm for almost a decade. They see the mission of Seaflora as to create positive change, one step at a time. They also have a vision to lead by example, valuing getting things done in a sustainable, loving way that inspires trust. The company works with a diverse range of clients including spas, retail and individual consumers, all of whom appreciate the results attainable through the use of organic skincare.

Alongside the natural and sustainable skincare solutions offered to customers, Seaflora are also providers of webinars and in-person training, building customized spa treatments for and with their spa partners. It manufactures the skin care products in-house, allowing it to maintain complete control over the brand and the quality. Seaflora stays ahead of trends in the sector by utilizing innovative techniques and materials. No one had ever approached the USDA before to certify organic seaweed.

It was a unique challenge, as the USDA had no prior experience of classifying a life form without roots. This is indicative of how Seaflora will go the extra mile, push boundaries and challenge the norms.

Through positive reviews and a strong online presence, Seaflora has established itself as a trusted brand in the skincare industry. In terms of customer service, Seaflora has a reputation for providing personalized and responsive support. Its team is available to answer any questions or concerns customers have about the products, with a detailed ingredient glossary readily available to assist in making informed decisions. The company ethos is such that it boasts all healing happens in the heart, with honest and mature communication able to solve just about any issue. At Seaflora, love is an important company basis, which means that if any problems do ever occur the team will be hard on the issue, but not on the person.

It is apt for a company dedicated to using sustainable materials found in the ocean to be led by a pair of creative pisceans, as that is what Adam and Chantelle are. Their team, populated by persons with transferable skills, is the secret weapon though. It allowed Seaflora to do their own rebrand, taking the seaweed photos, and transferring them to the drawings on the boxes by hand. As winners of both Best Seaweed Skincare Brand 2023 – North America and North American Clean Beauty Industry Leaders of the Year 2023, the company is advancing all the time. With its forward-thinking approach, and dedication to excellence the multiple award-winning company is sure to be setting trends within the health and beauty industry for many years to come.

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