April 10, 2024

Front row, left to right: Jas Johal, CKNW; Laura Jones, Business Council of B.C.; Susannah Pierce, Shell Canada; Lisa Sparrow, Corix; Deb Lester, Covenant House; Ninu Kang, Ending Violence B.C.; Arnold Cheng, Spectrum Ability.
Back row, left to right: Ryan Peterson, Strategic Alternatives; George Chayka, B.C. Lions; Jason Cole, Power to Be; The Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia; Benedic Dasalla, Advantage Solutions CDS; Martin Thibodeau, RBC Royal Bank. | Photo credit: bcbc.com

BRITISH COLUMBIA – The Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC) is pleased to announce that three B.C. charitable organizations – Covenant House Vancouver, Power To Be, and Ending Violence B.C. – have collectively received $30,000 in donations following a sold-out event hosted by BCBC on April 2nd, where half of all ticket sales were dedicated to these causes.

The event, “Strong Economy, Strong Community,” celebrated the relationship between economic prosperity and philanthropy, showcasing the significant impact charitable causes have on our community and the critical role that corporate partnerships play in supporting their efforts.

“Business and charities both create hope,” says BCBC President and CEO, Laura Jones. Businesses generate income and growth, which gives us resources for everything from charitable donations to more government investments in healthcare. Charitable organizations create hope on a very personal level working with individuals. Both contribute to vibrant communities that we can all be proud of, and it was amazing to have an event to celebrate that.”

“The importance of philanthropy cannot be overstated. Through philanthropic partnerships, the investments made can help to generate hope, provide a spark, and build stronger communities,” said Rahul Ray, Board Chair of Power To Be.

The inaugural event was sold out and highlighted partnerships between Covenant House Vancouver and RBC Royal Bank; Ending Violence B.C. and Shell Canada; and Power To Be and the Peterson family.

As the applause from the event fades, BCBC reaffirms its commitment to fostering partnerships between businesses and charitable causes to build stronger, more resilient communities across the province including making its “Strong Economy, Strong Community” dinner an annual event.

“We heard from so many participants that it was a unique opportunity to make new partnerships, we’re excited to do it again and again,” said Jones.

“Sharing ideas and experiences is fundamental to understanding how we can all work together to create a brighter future. It was a privilege to join Covenant House CEO Deb Lester onstage to share our insights on how our partnership plays an important role in helping our communities to prosper,” said Martin Thibodeau, Regional President, BC, RBC Royal Bank.

Source: bcbc.com


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