Plexxis Bringing $44M Investment, 100 Jobs To Langford

September 20, 2021

Construction Software Firm Moving Headquarters from Ontario

A rendering depicting Plexxis Tower, now under construction on Westhills Drive at Langford Lake Road in the City of Langford. The six-storey project will become the home of tech firm Plexxis Software founded over 20-years-ago in Ontario. © Plexxis Software

LANGFORD – Westhills’ Lakepoint commercial district will have a new anchor tenant when Plexxis Software moves its headquarters from Brampton, Ontario to Vancouver Island next year, as part of a $44 investment in Langford that will bring 100 new jobs to the community.

Plexxis commitment was announced September 10, and follows 18 months’ work finalizing plans to move to the new Plexxis Tower that is under construction in Westhills.

The building features 80,000 square feet with flexible lifestyle and workplace amenities, including a staff gym and lounge areas for Plexxis, which will be on the fourth and fifth floors. There will also be 50,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial space, with two-ground floor units designated for future restaurant usage.

Chris Loranger, co-founder and CEO of Plexxis

Why Langford? Plexxis co-founder and CEO Chris Loranger says it was largely to offer employees a better quality of life than they experience in Greater Toronto.

“It’s the idea of no commute and no mosquitos, to be honest with you,” Loranger said in an announcement on the website, and adds he expects up to 45 employees will move from Ontario to Langford. “It’s really fun to come to a place where you can get everywhere in five minutes and, more importantly, a lot of our team members all live close to each other. We support each other like a mini-community.”

Langford Mayor Stew Young states: “You know, this is big; this is our largest influx of tech jobs. To have them move here, buy homes here and be part of our community is a real bonus for us and our community.”

Plexxis’ arrival is the latest step of Young and Langford Council’s goal to make affordable housing a priority, as well as adding family recreational activities.

“What we’re doing here in Langford is creating a culture that we can get things done,” he states. “We have the ability to attract investment, which is good for our families because living and working in your own community is important.”

Plexxis Software specializes in construction software, and Loranger adds “A lot of people say companies build products, but we like to say we build teams first, and those teams build products.

“A team is only a team if they live, work and play together, and we’re moving to Langford for a quality of life and to be more of a community. Why Langford? It starts off with giving the families and the team that we build a better place to build a really good life.”

Langford was chosen over several Canadian communities by Plexxis, as Loranger said the city has the best location in the country for their venture.

Mayor Young points out that “Langford rolls out the red carpet better than anybody.

“It’s very important for us, very important for our community and very important for the workers to move to here from other parts of Canada to make sure how we show a great community and what we have to offer to make that choice really easy for everyone.”

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