2016 VIATEC Technology Awards Finalists Announced

May 12, 2016

VICTORIA – The Victoria high-tech sector has announced the finalists for the 15th Annual VIATEC Technology Awards.

After going through a record 189 nominations, VIATEC has announced its 58 finalists in 13 award categories. The awards will be handed out at a gala on the evening of June 24th at the Victoria Conference Centre. The nomination total represented an increase of more than 50% over the previous year.

VIATEC also revealed that Jim Hayhurst will receive the Colin Lennox Award for Technology Champion and Ladies Learning Code will receive the VIATEC Member of the Year award.

Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC explained, “Jim Hayhurst, CEO of Pretio Interactive, has played a key role in our community as a leader of initiatives, a spokesperson, a supporter and a role model. He understands what it takes to shape a strong and vibrant community and we are honoured to recognize him as the Tech Champion he is. I think Colin Lennox would have been very proud to see the award named after him bestowed on such a stand-up guy.”

The awards celebrate the achievements of technology companies responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest growing technology region in BC, as well as the leaders, creators and innovators that have driven the local tech sector to over $3 billion in annual sales and Victoria’s largest private industry.

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The 2016 Finalists include:

  • Technology Company of the Year (50+ employees): (Sponsored by: Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP)
    • Beanstream
    • CGI
    • Redlen Technologies
    • Schneider Electric
  • Technology Company of the Year (11-49 employees): (Sponsored by: Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP)
    • Checkfront
    • Codename Entertainment
    • Go2mobi
    • Redbrick
    • Workday
  • Technology Company of the Year (1-10 employees): (Sponsored by: Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP)
    • Flytographer
    • Revolution3D Printers
    • SilkStart
  • Emerging Technology Company of the Year: (Sponsored by: KPMG LLP)
    • Crowd Content
    • EchoSec
    • Industrial Plankton
    • LlamaZOO Interactive
    • Stocksy United
  • Startup of the Year: (Sponsored by: University of Victoria)
    • Craftt
    • FuturePay
    • Green Sky Labs
    • Ripebasket Technologies
    • Tellwell Talent
  • Product of the Year: (Sponsored by: RBC Commercial Services)
    • Giftbit (Digital Gift Cards)
    • Codan Radio Communications (Stratus)
    • RevenueWire (Constant Content)
    • Checkfront (Online booking) 
    • Codename Entertainment (Crusaders of the Lost Idols)
  • Innovative Excellence – Software or Service: (Sponsored by: Grant Thornton LLP)
    • EchoSec
    • Foundry Spatial
    • Go2mobi
    • LlamaZOO Interactive
    • RaceRocks 3D
  • Innovative Excellence – Hardware: (Sponsored by: Grant Thornton LLP)
    • DreamCraft Attractions
    • Holografyx
    • LimbicMedia
    • Redlen Technologies
    • Revolution3D Printers
  • Executive of the Year: (Sponsored by: Corporate Recruiters)
    • Brad Williams – Redbrick
    • Brianna Wettlaufer – Stocksy United
    • Scott Dewis – RaceRocks 3D
    • Shaun Jamieson – SilkStart
  • Employee of the Year: (Sponsored by: Thompson Cooper LLP)
    • Aleksey Vorona – xMatters
    • Aurora Walker and Rob O’Dwyer – Pretio Interactive
    • Matt Martin – Crowd Content
  • Team of the Year: (Sponsored by: Thompson Cooper LLP)
    • Archipelago Marine Research
    • Atomic Crayon
    • Change.org
    • HP Advanced Solutions
    • Smart Dolphins
    • StarFish Medical
  • Employer of the Year: (Sponsored by: Megson FitzPatrick)
    • Carmanah Technologies
    • ChatterBlock
    • GlobalWide Media
    • RingPartner
    • Semaphore Solutions
  • Creative Excellence: (Sponsored by: AbeBooks.com)
    • Island Circus Space
    • Monkey C Interactive
    • Victoria Hand Project
  • The Colin Lennox Award for Technology Champion: (Sponsored by: Reed Pope LLP)
    • Jim Hayhurst – Pretio Interactive
  • VIATEC Member of the Year: (Sponsored by: Cox Taylor LLP)
    • Ladies Learning Code
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